How to turn a BlackBerry 10 device into a USB thumb drive

HOW-TO / 05.12.15 / tywill1

Do you have a micro SD media card in your BlackBerry 10 device?

If so, did you know you can turn your media card into a USB thumb drive?

The benefit of turning your media card into a USB thumb drive is that it allows you to access your device’s media card content without the need to install drivers on a computer. For example, I’ll use this option whenever I visit my parents and want to copy some of my pictures onto their computer.
Want to try it out? Here’s how to do it!

USB_FeatureNote: If USB Mass Storage Mode is enabled, BlackBerry Link and File Manager connections will not work. In order to restore functionality, turn off USB Mass Storage mode when not in use.

  1. From the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Tap Hotspot_settings Settings
  3. Tap Storage and Access
  4. Tap Access using USB
  5. Turn on USB Mass Storage Mode

After completing these steps all that’s left to do is connect your device to you’re a USB port on your computer or vehicle.

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