BlackBerry Care Protection Plan Helps You Prepare for the Unexpected

DEVICES / 03.16.15 / melmasson

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Social media never sleeps. This is a well-known adage that communications and marketing professionals like myself know all too well. There are times when I need to work through a lunch, or jump into something over the weekend (read: device in hand while reclining on couch in sweat pants).

How many times have I been working from my BlackBerry Passport with my standard Diet Coke or obligatory 1 of 8 glasses of water close by? Too many to count. Thankfully for me, the two (potentially harmful) liquids have never met my device, but I know many who haven’t been as lucky.

Enter the BlackBerry Care Protection Plan

BB protection devices

As their name suggests, mobile professionals are always on-the-go. Smartphones are essential tools for communication, collaboration and productivity. Whether it’s a simple liquid spill while burning the midnight oil, or a major drop while traveling to the next meeting, any mishap that leaves…

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