How to change the virtual keyboard layout using a gesture

HOW-TO / 02.11.15 / tywill1

Did you know that you can change the layout of the virtual keyboard using a single gesture? Doing so makes it easy to switch between the letters, numbers and symbols layout whenever you are typing. All you need to do is swipe down from the top of virtual keyboard using one finger 😀

This gesture makes it really easy for those using an all-touch BlackBerry 10 device such as the BlackBerry Z3, Z10, Z30 or Porsche Design P’9982 to find a specific character you need to enter.

SwipeDownLayoutTo try this out on your device, start composing a new email and, using one finger, swipe down from the top of the virtual keyboard. You’ll notice the virtual keyboard layout has changed from letters to numbers. If you do this gesture again, the virtual keyboard layout changes from numbers to symbols. To switch back to the letters layout, perform the same gesture again!


For those using a BlackBerry Passport, this gesture will allow you to switch the virtual keyboard layout between symbols and numbers using one finger. Just swipe down from the top of physical keyboard using one finger to show the symbols layout and swipe down again to see numbers layout.

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