Three ways to switch between messages using BlackBerry 10

HOW-TO / 08.26.14 / tywill1

Here’s a quick productivity tip that can help get through a lot of messages quickly!

1 – Overlay buttons

In addition gesture based switching, you can optionally add next and previous buttons that allow for one touch switching.


After completing these steps, the next time you open a message you’ll see these buttons appear in the bottom right corner. They will disappear automatically after a few seconds so they don’t take up space – to get them back, just move the message up or down with your finger.

Note: In order to see this option you must be using BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.1 or later. 

2 – Gesture based

The next time you are viewing a message in the hub, swipe from left to right followed by swiping up or down. Swiping up will take you to your next message whereas swiping down will open the previous message.

Note: In order to use this gesture you must be using BlackBerry 10 OS version or later

3 – Keyboard shortcuts

For those using a BlackBerry Q5 or Q10 you have the option of pressing N, or P to switch between the next, or previous message. If you are using an all touch device such as the BlackBerry Z3, Z10 or Z30, you can use these shortcuts as well provided the virtual keyboard is displayed.

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