How to add a website to your home screen using BlackBerry 10

HOW-TO / 01.21.14 / tywill1

Did you know that with two taps you can add a website to your home screen? For example, whenever I have packages in transit I’ll add the tracking website to my home screen so I can quickly check my shipping status. I’ve also used this feature to create a folder of touch friendly websites that I commonly access for news, sports, weather and more.

If you haven’t made a new folder on your home screen, check out this post for five BlackBerry 10 personalization tips including how to organize your home screen icons.

With that being said, to add a website to your home screen complete the following steps:

  1. Browse to a website
  2. Tap BBM-PIN-3Dot followed by BB10-AddHomeScreen-AddHomeIcon Add to Home Screen


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