Five Tip Friday – Virtual Keyboard Tips

FIVE TIP FRIDAY / 01.10.14 / tywill1


It’s time to kick off 2014 so here are five virtual keyboard tips for those using a BlackBerry Z10 or Z30!

What’s your favorite virtual keyboard tip? Leave a comment and let us know 🙂

Change where word suggestions appear

Word suggestions appear on the BlackBerry keyboard so that you don’t have to look above where you’re typing to see the suggestions. If you have difficulty selecting the suggestions, or you find the Keyboard looks cluttered, you can set the suggestions to appear above the keyboard instead.

  1. While viewing your home screen, tap Settings
  2. Tap Language and Input followed by Prediction and Correction
  3. In the Portrait Mode and Landscape Mode drop-down lists, choose how you want the Word Suggestions to appear.
    • To have word suggestions appear above the Keyboard, tap In-Column.
    • To have word suggestions appear on the Keyboard, tap In-Letter.
    • To turn off word suggestions, tap Off.

When you set word suggestions to appear above your Keyboard using the In Column option, you can use the suggestion by flicking up from anywhere directly beneath the word you want to use.

Swipe to delete

Did you know that you have the ability to delete words by swiping your finger across the keyboard from right to left? What’s really cool about this gesture is you can delete a single word by swiping across your keyboard using one finger, or use two or three fingers to delete more words.

To try it out yourself, the next time you are composing a message or editing something, just swipe from right to left using your finger. If you are using a right-to-left language, swipe from left to right to delete words instead.

Turn on CAP Lock

The next time you need to use capital letters, turn on CAP lock. To do this, tap and hold the Up arrow (shift key). After a second or two, you’ll notice a small line appears below the Up Arrow which indicates CAP Lock is turned on. To turn CAP Lock off, tap the Up arrow again.

Keypress Pop-up

Whenever I set up a new BlackBerry 10 device this is one of the first settings I customize because I find it extremely useful whenever I am entering something complex such as a password. If you haven’t used this feature before, try it out for a day or two using the steps below!

  1. While viewing your home screen, tap Settings
  2. Tap Language and Input, followed by Feedback
  3. Set the Keypress Pop-up switch to On


Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

Let’s say for example you are reading a lengthy article online and you would like to use Reader Mode so you can enjoy distraction free reading? You can optionally tap the three dot action key in bottom right corner followed by Reader Mode but did you know you can also get into Reader mode by hitting R on the virtual keyboard?

To do this, show the keyboard by swiping up with from the bottom of the screen using two fingers and tap R. To hide the keyboard again, swipe down using two fingers, or tap and hold the space key.

Reader Mode is just one several options you can access using this tip, other options include:

  • Go to the top of a web page, press T
  • Go to the bottom of a web page, press B
  • Go forward one page, press N
  • Go back one page, press P
  • Search text on a page, press S
  • Open your bookmarks, press K
  • Open your history, press H
  • Enter reader mode, press R
  • Refresh a web page, press L

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