How to use BlackBerry 10 Reader Mode

HOW-TO / 12.05.13 / tywill1

The next time you are reading an article using the BlackBerry 10 Browser make sure you try out the reader option for a distraction free read. Simply put, this option allows you focus on the article you’d like to read by removing distracting clutter such as ads. Reader mode also offers the ability to increase or decrease the text size as well as an option to invert colors which I find really convenient whenever I’m reading before bed.


To try this all you need to do is tap BBM-PIN-3Dot when viewing an article and select Reader, or press the key if you are using a device that has a physical keyboard. To increase or decrease the textfont size, use the buttons along the bottom of the screen. You can also change the background color to make nighttime reading easier, to do this, tap BBM-PIN-3Dot again and select Invert Color.

To learn more about BlackBerry 10 Browser check out the Help app on your device or the user guide which can be found at

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