How to manage files remotely with BlackBerry Link

HOW-TO / 11.06.13 / tywill1

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One of my favorite BlackBerry Link features is the ability to remotely access and manage files stored on my computer using my BlackBerry Z30. You can use the File Manager app on a BlackBerry 10 device to view, download and delete music, pictures, videos, documents and more that are stored on your computer, provided you have installed BlackBerry Link on your PC or Mac.

For example, imagine you are heading to a meeting and forgot to copy an important presentation to your device. Using Remote File Access, you can copy the presentation to your device using Wi-Fi or your mobile network connection.

Provided you are using BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.1 or later, install BlackBerry Link 1.1 or later and sign in with the BlackBerry ID that you use on your device. After doing this, open BlackBerry Link and select Remote File Access to customize which folders on your computer you can access using your device.


To access a desired folder on your computer using your device, open the File Manager app, tap the icon in the bottom-left corner and select your computer’s name.

For more information on using Remote File Access, such as how to use it over your mobile network connection, check out the Help app on your device.

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