Five Tip Friday – More BBM for Android and iPhone tips!

FIVE TIP FRIDAY / 11.15.13 / tywill1

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Share your PIN Barcode

Introduced in yesterday’s update to BBM for Android and iPhone, the new Share PIN option makes sharing your PIN Barcode even easier. You can use this option to quickly share your PIN Barcode across your social networks.

Note: This feature is available as of yesterday’s BBM update. For more details, check out yesterdays post, BBM for Android and iPhone updates now available.

To share your PIN Barcode, complete the following steps:

  1. Open BBM and tap BBM-PIN-3Dot followed by Share PIN
  2. Select your desired sharing method from the list that is displayed


Adding contacts using NFC

If your device has NFC, you can tap your device with another NFC-enabled device to quickly add someone to your BBM contact list.

Provided at least one person has BBM open and both devices have NFC turned on, simply bump the back of the devices together.

Note: Depending on your device, you may need to select BBM after tapping devices to send an invitation. 

Using an iPhone? Get notifications using Banners or Alerts


When you first open BBM on your iPhone, you will be asked if BBM is allowed to send you push notifications, as per the screenshot above. If you tap Don’t Allow, you will miss out on getting notifications whenever someone contacts you. The following screenshots show the difference between using the Alert and Banner notifications. Regardless of which option you selected, here’s a quick tip on how to customize your notifications.


  1. On your iPhone, tap Settings, followed by Notification Center
  2. Scroll down and select BBM 
  3. To enable alerts as per the screenshots above, select Banner or Alerts
  4. To enable sound notifications, turn on Sounds
  5. To show alerts on your lock screen, turn on Show on Lock Screen

For more details on customizing your BBM settings make sure you check out KB35264.

Swipe left to right to go back

Without a doubt one of my favorite gestures is sliding my finger left to right across a chat to go back a screen. I’ll use this gesture to quickly leave a conversation and switch to another chat. For those using BBM on an Android device, this gesture and the BBM widget make a great combination.


iPhone Emoji’s

For those using BBM on an iPhone, you can use Emoji’s provided by your device’s operating system on top of the built-in emoticons. To try this out on your iPhone, complete the following steps.

  1. On your iPhone, tap Settings, followed by General
  2. Select Keyboard, followed by Keyboards 
  3. Select Add New Keyboard…
  4. Select Emoji 


Note: Depending on which device the recipient is using, Emoji’s may not appear on their device. 

If you have two enabled keyboards after completing these steps, simply tap on the globe key to switch between them. If you have more than two enabled keyboards, tap and hold the globe key to select the desired keyboard from a list.

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