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BlackBerry 10 Voice Control is a feature that makes multitasking easier by allowing you to complete a variety of different actions and tasks using your voice. Whether it’s a quick command or dictating a lengthy document, Voice Control is a great way to increase your productivity while using a BlackBerry 10 device. For an overview of this feature, check out the video above and the steps below.

Using Voice Control

To use Voice Control, press and hold the mute key that is found on the right side of your device (between the volume up and down keys) or tap the Voice Control icon on your home screen. If you haven’t used Voice Control before, you’ll first be asked to specify which language you’d like to use before you start using Voice Control commands.

Things you can say

After opening Voice Control, use a command from the list below or tap I to see a list of all the available voice commands.


  • Call: E.x. “Call Ian at home”
  • Send an email: E.x. “Send an email to Megan”
  • Send a BBM message: E.x. “BBM Matthew, Be there soon”
  • Send a text message: E.x. “Text Nicole Lavigne”
  • Set an alarm: E.x. “Set an alarm at 9 o’clock”
  • Schedule an appointment: E.x. “Schedule a meeting at 10 o’clock tomorrow”
  • Compose a note to myself: E.x. “Note to self, Pick up milk”
  • Search the Internet: E.x. “Search the Internet for custom cars”
  • Search your device: E.x. “Search my device for Calculator”
  • Change my Facebook status: E.x. “Update my Facebook status to Heading to the movies”
  • Post a tweet: E.x. “Tweet, On my way to the mall”
  • Update LinkedIn status: E.x. “Post to LinkedIn, Ready for my meeting”

Make sure you check out the Help app on your device to learn more about using and customizing Voice Control. Got a question about Voice Control? Leave a comment and let me know!

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