How to manage multiple emails using BlackBerry 10

HOW-TO / 09.26.13 / tywill1


Here’s a quick BlackBerry Hub tip that you can use to manage your messages.

In this example, I’ll use the Select More option to select and delete multiple emails.

  1. Tap and hold an item you’d like to manage, such as an email
  2. When the menu on the right appears, tap the Select More icon
  3. Scroll and tap the various items you’d like to manage
  4. Tap the Delete icon in the bottom-right corner

The ability to select items also allows for other actions, such as marking messages as read or unread, setting a flag or filing messages to a folder.

Tip: Not sure what an icon represents? Tap and hold an icon to view the label.

ManageEmailB   ManageEmailC

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