Five Tip Friday – BlackBerry 10 Typing Tips Part 2

FIVE TIP FRIDAY / 08.30.13 / tywill1


Happy Friday #TeamBlackBerry!

To kick off the weekend, here are five more typing tips that I think you’ll want to know about. In case you missed it, make sure to check out the first Five Tip Friday BlackBerry 10 Typing Tips post.

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1. Cursor Control

With the release of BlackBerry 10.1, we implemented a new feature that makes moving the cursor to a specific location really easy. All you need to do is tap an area of text you would like to edit and a circular cursor will appear. To move the cursor around, simply tap on the top, bottom, left or right of the circle for precise control.

2. BlackBerry Z10 Keyboard Switching

For those that are using a BlackBerry Z10, to switch between the text, number and symbol keypads, all you need to do is swipe down from the top of the keyboard using one finger.

3. Highlighting and selecting text

In addition to selecting text manually using the selection indicators, your device can also select text automatically. All you need to do is tap an area you’d like to select and hold your finger. As you continue to hold your finger, you’ll notice that your device first selects a word, followed by the sentence, the paragraph and more. Personally I love this tip whenever I’m using one hand to type.

4. Capitalizing a letter (or adding accented characters!)

One of the most used shortcuts on my Blackberry 10 devices is inserting a capital letter, or adding an accented character. Follow the steps below based on which type of BlackBerry 10 device you are using.

BlackBerry Z10 – To capitalize a letter, tap and hold the letter until the change occurs. Depending on which key you have held, you may be presented with accented characters as well. To select one of these characters, slide your finger to the right or left across the menu of additional characters and highlight the character you’d like to insert before lifting your finger. In addition to holding a key to insert an uppercase letter, you can also add uppercase letter by tapping the letter, followed by sliding your finger to the shift key.

BlackBerry Q10 & BlackBerry Q5 – To capitalize a letter, press and hold a key for a moment until the uppercase version appears. If you have held a key that contains accented characters, the accented characters will appear along the bottom of your screen that you can then tap.

5. Type faster with automated assistance settings

You can change typing settings to help you type faster on your BlackBerry keyboard. For example, you can change your settings so that your device automatically capitalizes new sentences, or so that pressing the space key twice inserts a period.

To review and customize these options, complete the following steps.

  1. On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Tap Settings followed by Language and Input
  3. Tap Prediction and Correction
  4. Tap the settings that you want to change:
    • Enable Auto-Correction – Fix errors by pressing the space key (the corrected word will appear in blue on the space bar)
    • Enable Auto-Capitalize – Capitalize the first letter after a period
    • Enable Period Shortcut – Pressing space bar twice adds in a period
    • Use Learned Words – Allow your smartphone to predict and correct words based on your usage

To learn about a feature on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone or troubleshoot an issue, there are several great options available to help. Visit for access to product manuals, how-to demos, tips and tricks, YouTube videos, support forums, knowledge base articles, Twitter support, and contact information for your region.

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