How to turn on Private Browsing in BlackBerry 10

HOW-TO / 03.11.13 / tywill1
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Some useful information every BlackBerry 10 smartphone owner should know is how to turn on private browsing. This option prevents the browser on your smartphone from storing any information – for example, your history, cached files, cookies, and so on – whenever it is enabled. When you turn off private browsing, any browsing information created while this option was enabled will be removed from your smartphone.

Before trying out Private Browsing, here are few things you should know:

  • Any tabs that you have open when you turn on private browsing will be saved and restored automatically when private browsing is turned off
  • If your smartphone is using BlackBerry Balance technology, you will not be able to turn on private browsing when using the workspace browser
  • Adobe Flash support will be turned off automatically

With that said, to enable Private Browsing, complete the following steps:

    1. Open the BlackBerry 10 Browser
    2. Tap the action key followed by Settings


  1. Tap Privacy and Security
  2. Set the Private Browsing switch to On.


To turn off Private Browsing, complete these steps again and set the Private Browsing switch to Off.
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