Customizing BlackBerry Z10 Word Suggestions

HOW-TO / 02.08.13 / tywill1

Here’s a quick overview of how this feature works, and a look at options you can customize so Word Suggestions can help you type more efficiently.

What are Word Suggestions?

Using the example of “How are you?”, on a physical keyboard I’d need to touch the keyboard 12 times. Thanks to Word Suggestions, however, I only have to touch the keyboard 6 times when using my BlackBerry Z10. Continuing with the example “How are you?”, after I tap the letter “h”, notice that several words appear above other letters on my keyboard including the word “How”.


To use the Word Suggestion “How”, all I need to do is flick it up onto the screen using my finger. At this point, I now have “How“ on my screen – but you’ll also notice that new word suggestions have appeared including the word “are”. A quick flick underneath places it on my screen so now my sentence is “How are“. Since I’ve flicked up “are”, my device has predicted several words again including the word “you”. To finish my sentence, all I need to do again is flick the word “you” up onto the screen, tap the symbol key followed by “?” and I’m done, having only touched the keyboard 6 times!


Tip: To quickly switch between text, symbols & numbers, swipe down from the top of the keyboard using one finger

Customizing Word Suggestions

By default, Word Suggestions appear on the keyboard so that you don’t have to look above where you’re typing to see the suggestions. If you have difficulty selecting the suggestions, or you find the keyboard looks cluttered, you can set the suggestions to appear above the keyboard instead.

  1. On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen.
  2. Tap Settings > Language and Input > On-Screen Keyboard.
  3. In the Portrait Mode and Landscape Mode drop-down lists, choose how you want word suggestions to appear.
    • To have word suggestions appear on the keyboard, tap In-Letter (first image)
    • To have word suggestions appear above the keyboard, tap In-Column (second image)
    • To turn off word suggestions, tap Off.

When you set word suggestions to appear above your keyboard, you can use the suggestion by flicking up directly beneath the word you want to use.


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