How to customize the BlackBerry 10 Touchscreen Keyboard

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To help you get started with a BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, I’ve put together a quick overview of some things you should know when it comes to typing and working with text. This information can help improve your productivity, so if you enjoy this blog post, consider adding it to your bookmarks for future reference.

Before we begin, if you are using a BlackBerry Z10 and want to follow along, create a new entry in the BlackBerry Remember app and flow back and forth between this article and the app to practice the steps, tips, and tricks below.

Let’s begin! 😀

Keyboard Gestures

How to show & hide the keyboard

  • To show the keyboard, tap on a text field or use two fingers and swipe up from the bottom of the screen
  • To hide the keyboard, swipe down from the top of the keyboard using two fingers or tap and hold on the space bar

Delete a word – Swipe one finger back across the keyboard. If you type in a right-to-left language, swipe from left to right instead

Quickly switch between Text, Symbol and Number Input – Swipe down from the top of the keyboard using one finger

Word Suggestions – Place your finger below the word on the keyboard, and flick it up onto the screen


Type an uppercase character

  • On the keyboard, tap the uppercase key
  • Tap a letter

To turn on CAPS lock, touch and hold the uppercase key.

Type an accented character

  1. On the keyboard, touch and hold the letter that you want to add the accent to.
  2. When accented characters appear above the letter, slide your finger onto the accented character that you want to type
  3. Lift your finger

To type an uppercase character, tap the uppercase key first; or, when your finger is on the accented character that you want to type, if you pause before you lift your finger the accented character will change to uppercase.

Type a symbol or number

  1. On the lower-left side of the keyboard, tap the Symbol key. The appearance of this key varies depending on the language that you’re typing in. For example, if you’re using English, it will appear as “?123”
  2. Tap the symbol or number that you want to type.
  3. If you don’t see the symbol you want, touch and hold a related symbol. Slide your finger onto the symbol you want to type or tap to see all the remaining symbols.

How to cut, copy and paste text, and more

To cut, copy and paste text, follow the steps below – but also keep in that mind that you can copy and paste images, links, and more. For example, when you are using the browser and you find an image you’d like to send to a friend, you can use the Share feature to send the website address, or you can tap and hold the image, and within the menu that appears, you may have the option to copy the image address instead.

  1. To highlight text, touch and hold the text. To change your selection, move the cursor indicators
  2. Perform one of the following actions
    • To copy the text, touch and hold the text followed by selecting Copy
    • To cut the text, touch and hold the text followed by selecting Cut
    • To paste, touch and hold where you want to paste text followed by selecting Paste

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Automated Assistance & Spell Check

To help you type even faster on a BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, there are several Automated Assistance options that you should know about. These settings will allow your smartphone to expand shortcuts to frequently-used phrases, learned and predicted words, and more. To access the following settings, tap Settings followed by Language and Input.

Word Substitution – Tap this option to review the various shortcuts that are preloaded. To create your own, tap Add Shortcut and follow the guided steps.

Automated Assistance – In addition to shortcuts, some other useful keyboard features can be found in this menu:

  • Enable Auto-Correction – Fix errors by pressing the space key (the corrected word will appear in blue on the space bar)
  • Enable Auto-Capitalize – Capitalize the first letter after a period
  • Enable Period Shortcut – Pressing space bar twice adds in a period
  • Use Learned Words – Allow your smartphone to predict and correct words based on your usage

[YouTube link for mobile viewing]

To learn about a feature on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone or troubleshoot an issue, there are several great options available to help. Visit for access to product manuals, how-to demos, tips and tricks, YouTube videos, support forums, knowledge base articles, Twitter support, and contact information for your region.

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