You Should Know: BlackBerry Browser keyboard shortcuts


BlackBerry Browser shortcuts are available to users who have a BlackBerry smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard. These shortcuts are designed to help you navigate webpages while using the BlackBerry Browser.

Turning on Browser Shortcuts

A BlackBerry smartphone can have its BlackBerry Browser shortcuts turned off, so before we start let’s make sure they are enabled first.

1. Launch the BlackBerry Browser
2. Press the Menu key and select “Options”
3. In the General section, select the Enable Keyboard Shortcuts checkbox
4. If a change was made, press the Menu key and select “Save”.


Shortcuts when typing web addresses

Web addresses can sometimes be long — help speed up typing in an address by using my favorite BlackBerry Browser shortcut. While typing an address, simply press the space key to add a period (.) instead of the normal “Alt” & “M” combination. Here are the BlackBerry Browser’s address bar shortcuts:

  • Press the Space key to insert a period (.) in a web address
  • Press the Shift and Space key to insert a forward slash (/) in a web address
  • Press the Escape key to stop loading a webpage
  • Press and hold the Escape key to close the browser


Shortcuts when viewing a webpage

These are the BlackBerry Browser shortcuts that are designed to help you when viewing websites in the BlackBerry Browser. I like the zoom in and zoom out shortcuts because they allow me to quickly focus into an area of a webpage and then out again when finished.

  • Press I to zoom in on the current webpage
  • Press O to zoom out of the current webpage
  • Press G to navigate from the current screen to the Go Start page, which displays the address bar, recently viewed pages and your Bookmarks
  • Press H to navigate from the current screen to the page set as your Home Page
  • Press K to display your Bookmarks
  • Press A to add the current page as a Bookmark
  • Press Y to view your recently viewed pages, also known as History
  • Press R to refresh the page currently displayed on the screen
  • Press F to find text
  • Press V to find the next instance of text
  • Press W to switch between tabs
  • Press S to view the BlackBerry Browser Options

Navigation of a webpage

The following shortcuts are designed to help you navigate a webpage more efficiently. Pressing the Space key to move down a screen instead of scrolling using the track pad is a time saver.

  • Press the Shift key and Space key to move up a screen
  • Press Space to move down a screen
  • Press T to navigate to the top of the page
  • Press B to navigate to the bottom of the page

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