Five Tip Friday – Our Favorite BBM Tips

With the recent release of BBM 7.0, we wanted to share some of our favorite BBM tips from past Five Tip Fridays with you.

1. Use Contact Categories to Organize Your BBM Contacts

From BlackBerry Juliana’s Five Tip Friday – Julianna’s BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Networking Tips

When my BBM contact list started to really grow, I found that I needed a way to organize the list. Using Contact Categories was an easy way to manage my list, as I could create categories like “Work”, “Personal”, “Family” and “Conferences”.

To create a new Contact Category:

1. Press the Menu Key and select “New Contact Category”
2. Type in your category, then press “OK”
3. If there are contacts you want to add, you can select them now and select “OK”.

Once you have one or more Contact Categories created, you can add any new contacts to a category when you invite them to BBM or accept their BBM invitation.

2. Stick your BBM Barcode up

From BlackBerry Ty’s Five Tip Friday – Social networking for BlackBerry smartphones

Looking for an easy way to share your contact details or BBM Group details? Consider saving the respective BBM barcodes and putting them on your website, posters, business cards, and of course, your favorite social networks so other BlackBerry device users can get in touch with you!

To save a copy of your BBM barcode(s) to your smartphone that you can then email or copy, complete the steps below.

To display a personal barcode:

1. On your Home screen, select BlackBerry Messenger
2. On the contact list screen, press the Menu key
3. Select “View My Profile” & next to PIN Barcode, select “Show”
4. Press the Menu key and select “Save Barcode Image”.

To display a group barcode:

1. On your Home screen or in the Instant Messaging folder, select the BlackBerry Messenger icon
2. Select the group you would like to display the barcode for
3. Press the Menu key & select “View Group Details”
4. Select “Display Group Barcode”
5. Press the Menu key and select “Save Barcode Image”.

3. Share from anywhere – use the power of the BBM Super App

From BlackBerry Brian’s Five Tip Friday – Five Tips for Unleashing the Power of BlackBerry Messenger

Sharing tweets, web page links and your BlackBerry Traffic ETA are just a few examples of items that you can share with your BBM contacts. For example, if you are viewing the Inside BlackBerry Help Blog using the BlackBerry Browser and you want to share the link, press the Menu Key and select “Send Page Address” followed by “BBM Chat”. You can then select which contacts you’d like to share the link with. You also have the option of sharing information with BBM Groups as well.

Note: One of my favorite BBM-connected apps is BlackBerry Traffic. To learn more about this fantastic app that helps you determine your ETA, check out our blog post on BlackBerry Traffic 3.0.


4. Link a BlackBerry Messenger contact with the Contacts app

From BlackBerry Ty’s Five Tip Friday – BlackBerry smartphone Contacts Tips

When you link a contact with a contact in the Contacts application, you might be able to perform additional tasks using BBM. For example, during a chat, you might be able to quickly call or send an email message to the contact from the menu. If contacts do not have display pictures in BlackBerry Messenger, their contact pictures from the Contacts application will appear in BlackBerry Messenger instead. Try linking a contact right now using the steps below.

1. Open BlackBerry Messenger and highlight a BBM contact
2. Press the Menu key and select “Link with BlackBerry Contact”
3. If the BBM contact is already in your Contacts app click “Select Contact”
4. If the BBM contact is not in the Contacts App, select “New Contact” and enter the Contact details
5. Press the Menu key and select “Save”/

To unlink the BBM contact from the Contacts application, while highlighting the BBM contact, press the Menu key and select “Remove Link with BlackBerry Contact”.

5. Add a Text Message Contact to BBM

From BlackBerry Brian’s Five Tip Friday – Five Tips for Unleashing the Power of BlackBerry Messenger

Communicate with friends using BBM and SMS from a single app. If you have a friend or family member who uses SMS text messaging, you can add them your BBM contact list, thus removing the need to have the Text Messages Icon showing on your device. To take advantage of this feature, complete these steps:

1. Open BBM, press the Menu key and select “Invite to BBM”
2. Select “Add a contact to text within BBM”
3. Enter the contacts information
4. Select “Add Contact”.

Bonus – Flags in BlackBerry Messenger

From BlackBerry Ty’s How to use Flags in BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

Although this blog post is more of a “how to” than a tips post, we took the liberty of adding it as this Friday’s bonus. This is an updated list of available country flags you can add to your BBM Display Name, Status Message or while chatting with friends and family. Click the link above to view the post containing the flag list. Enjoy!


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