Five Tip Friday – More Tips for Traveling With Your BlackBerry Smartphone

One of the difficulties when traveling long distances is the jet lag you experience while aligning your inner clock with a new time zone. Let your BlackBerry® smartphone give you less to worry about during this period by updating its date, time and time zone automatically when you arrive at your destination. All that and much more in this week’s Five Tip Friday, travel edition!

1. Have the Date, Time and Time Zone Automatically Updated

Stepping off an airplane is the beginning of a hectic series of events; finding your luggage, flagging a taxi on your way out of the airport, and checking into your hotel are top priorities. Take an item off your list by having your device automatically update the date, time and time zone when you connect to the mobile network for the first time in your new location.

1. From the Home screen, select “Options”
2. Select “Display” followed by “Date and Time”
3. Next to Update Time set the drop down to “Automatic”
4. Next to Auto Update Time Zone choose “On”
5. Press the Menu key and select “Save”.

2. Display a Second Time Zone in the Clock App

Changing time zones can be disorienting, especially if you are city-hopping for business travel. While you are away and your device is set to your current time zone, you have the option of displaying a second time on the Clock app. This can be set to your home location’s time, helping you keep in sync with the people back home.

1. From the Home screen, select “Clock”
2. Press the Menu key and select “Options”
3. Change the Home Time Zone field to a different time zone
4. Press the Menu key and select “Save”.

3. Find Apps for Your Destination in BlackBerry App World

Before I travel to a new city, I always search the BlackBerry App World™ storefront using the cities’ name. I’ve found official visitor guides, transit maps, and even apps that help you find free Wi-Fi® hotspots around the city. So before you take your next trip, make sure you search BlackBerry App World and see what your destination city has to offer.

If you don’t have BlackBerry App World installed on your device, download it using the BlackBerry® Browser on your smartphone.

4. Bedside Mode

Sleeping in a bed that is not your own can make it hard to get a good night’s rest. To make sure a late night email doesn’t interrupt your sleep, use Bedside Mode, which is a feature of the Clock app on your device. You can have all notifications turned off or have all the radios disabled when Bedside Mode is enabled — and don’t forget to set the alarm!

To learn more about using and customizing the Clock app’s Bedside Mode feature, check out our blog post How to have a “Berry” good sleep using the BlackBerry Smartphone’s Bedside Mode.

5. BlackBerry Travel

BlackBerry® Travel™ is an app designed to help make planning, booking, and managing your trip easier. It helps keep track of flights, hotels, car rentals and other aspects of your trip, and should a flight get canceled, it can help you find a new one!

To learn more about the BlackBerry Travel app, read our BlackBerry Travel Getting Started Guide.


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