BlackBerry Desktop Software won’t accept my BlackBerry smartphone’s password!

A friend recently called me and said that when attempting to use BlackBerry® Desktop Software to back up their BlackBerry® smartphone, they were unable to enter their password and unlock their device. Adding to their confusion, if they entered the same password on the BlackBerry smartphone, the password was accepted.

The first thing I did was ask my friend to lock their BlackBerry smartphone using the “Password Lock” icon that is located on the Home screen.

Tip: Using Home Screen shortcuts? If so, “K” will trigger a Password Lock. To learn more, check out our blog post on how to use shortcuts from the BlackBerry home screen.

After the smartphone was locked, I asked my friend to enter their BlackBerry smartphone password and unlock the device. (For privacy’s sake, let’s pretend my friend’s password was BlackBerry7241994.) After doing this successfully, I asked them which buttons they used when entering their password. My friend was a little confused at my question but said they had entered “BlackBerry7241994” which unlocked the BlackBerry smartphone successfully. I then asked my friend to confirm if they used any other keys on the BlackBerry smartphone keyboard when entering their password, such as the “Caps Lock” or “Alt” key, to which they said no.

I had a pretty good idea of what was occurring at this point, so I asked my friend to open the Memo pad on their smartphone and enter their password just like they did previously. After doing this they saw the following in the Memo pad: “blackberry0zeswccs”.

My friend suddenly realized what was happening – they didn’t use the Alt key when they initially created their BlackBerry smartphone password, so the numbers “7241994” were recorded as “zeswccs”.

So, the next time you have some difficulty unlocking your BlackBerry smartphone when using BlackBerry Desktop Software, double-check you are entering the password correctly and have taken into account how using “Caps Lock” or “Alt” can affect your password.

For more information on BlackBerry passwords, check out my blog post on how to set a password on a BlackBerry smartphone.

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