BlackBerry 101: Getting Started with BlackBerry Desktop Software for PC

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A powerful tool that I always recommend to BlackBerry® device owners is BlackBerry® Desktop Software for PC or Mac. It allows you to perform such useful tasks as updating software, backing up your personal data, and setting up Wi-Fi® music sync with your BlackBerry smartphone.

Today we’ll start at the beginning with BlackBerry Desktop Software for PC by going through the setup wizard. The wizard is a great way to get started with many of the features available in the BlackBerry Desktop Software for both BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets.

Getting started with “Add a new BlackBerry device”

If this is the first time you are connecting a BlackBerry device to the BlackBerry Desktop Software after installation, it will recognize this and prompt you with a getting started wizard.

“Do you want to use your enterprise email account with this BlackBerry device?”

The first screen asks if you would like to “Add my enterprise email account” which will activate your BlackBerry smartphone on your companies’ BlackBerry® Enterprise Server. If you do not have access to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, you can skip this step. If you are unsure, skip this step for now and contact your IT department for assistance since you can always add your enterprise email account later.

“When I connect my device”

These options allow you to automate some important features that you will want to use in the BlackBerry Desktop Software.

  • Backup my Device – Check this box and then choose from the drop down if you want a backup preformed daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  • Organizer data (Smartphone only) – Check this box if you will be synchronizing your smartphone contacts, calendar, tasks and memos with a supported client such as Microsoft® Outlook®. To view other supported organizers, view the BlackBerry Desktop Software system requirements.
  • Media Files – Check this box if you would like to sync media such as music and videos from a supported source to your BlackBerry device.
  • My computer’s data and time with my device (Smartphone only) – This feature ensures that your computer data and time matches the BlackBerry smartphone’s date and time so that the calendar and task apps date and time settings are not altered when synchronized.

“Media Settings”

  • Music source: Choose your respective media source from the drop down
  • Store media on: Choose to sync your media to the device’s internal storage or an inserted microSD media card (smartphone only)

Note: Not sure if your BlackBerry smartphone has internal storage? To find out read the user guide for your BlackBerry device.

After clicking “Finish”, the Getting Started wizard will close and you will be shown the BlackBerry Desktop Software main interface. If you selected to automate the backup feature then one will be performed at this stage. Also, if you chose Organizer data then you will be prompted to configure this feature as well — you may cancel this step and complete it at a later date if desired.

The BlackBerry Desktop Software

Now that the setup wizard is complete and you have set up your BlackBerry smartphone, visit the BlackBerry Desktop Software for PC website to learn more about the various features offered by BlackBerry Desktop Software.

Have a question about becoming familiar with the BlackBerry Desktop Software for PC? Leave one below!

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