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A BlackBerry® product website I always recommend to people – besides the Inside BlackBerry Help Blog, of course – is the Knowledge Base. In the Knowledge Base, you’ll find solutions for technical questions or problems you may be experiencing in a straightforward “get it done” format. Today I’d like to provide an overview of how to search for and use a knowledge base article.

Something to keep in mind before we begin is that some knowledge base articles are created for specific BlackBerry devices or software. This means that knowing some key information about your BlackBerry product is really important. To help you collect this information, I’d recommend reviewing a post I previously published – Finding Answers: Help Us Help You.

Searching the Knowledge Base

You can perform a simple search by typing in the search bar and clicking “Go”. However, narrowing down your search criteria is a good idea. For example, typing “transfer a file using Bluetooth” and hitting search produces 167 articles. If I click “More Options,” however, I can refine my search to the device or devices I own.

Let’s perform a refined search:

  1. Click “More Options” below the search text bar
  2. Click “Select” next to Products & Services and a new window or browser tab will appear
  3. Select a product and then click “Add” to the right of the pop up window — add more products if necessary
  4. When finished click “Ok”.

I’ve now added the BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900 smartphone to my products & services and searched for “transfer a file using Bluetooth” again, this time finding 22 articles.

The search results are displayed below the search bar. Continuing with the example of transferring a file using Bluetooth®, I can now start to review the articles my search provided. In this particular case, the first article found is KB05409 “How to transfer a file using Bluetooth technology between two BlackBerry smartphone”.

Section by Section Breakdown


Earlier when I said it will be important to know some key information about your BlackBerry device, I was preparing you for this section. The environment refers to the hardware and software the knowledge base article covers; if you don’t see your BlackBerry device, BlackBerry software or other 3rd party product listed, then it is likely the article won’t be applicable to your inquiry.


Depending on the subject of the article you may find three possible items here: a statement about the issue or topic, detailed instructions, or a description of how a feature, behavior, product or function works.


If the article addresses a problem, then any/all root causes that have been identified will be listed here. It will be accompanied by one of the two following sections: resolution or workaround.


If presented, this section will provide information on how a problem can be resolved. If you viewed the article I’ve been using as an example, KB05409, you’ll notice that it doesn’t have a cause or resolution field. This is because the article isn’t about a problem, but rather provides technical steps to complete a task.


There are times when a resolution might not be available, but we know how to stop the issue form happening until a resolution is available. The workaround field will contain the steps you need to take to avoid encountering the same issue again.

Additional Information

You won’t always see this field, but when you do, take note because the information provided will be useful when competing any steps or resolution provided in the article.

Have a question about using the Knowledge Base? Leave a comment below!

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