BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Getting Started with BlackBerry App World, Part 2

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Part two of a two-part series to get you started with the BlackBerry App World™ storefront on a BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet

Think of BlackBerry App World as a club you belong to. Your BlackBerry® ID is your membership card and My World is your locker at the club. But instead of stinky sneakers, this locker holds the apps and games you downloaded from BlackBerry App World, as well as your preferred payment options and so much more!

Today I’m going to discuss how manage your apps and games, set content controls, and set your payment options. I’ll also explain how to apply upgrades and what happens to apps and games you’ve purchased if you delete them or switch to another BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

In case you missed part one, here it is: BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Getting Started with BlackBerry App World, Part 1

Something to keep in mind before we begin is the importance of your BlackBerry ID. If you need a BlackBerry ID or require assistance with yours, check out one of these posts:

My World

As I said, you can think of My World as a locker — it holds your downloaded apps (free or purchased) and allows you to delete and reinstall them as well. Items that are currently installed automatically notify you if an update is made available, which you can then choose to run at your leisure.

To access My World, simply launch BlackBerry App World and tap “My World”:

Once in My World, you will be shown your currently-installed apps, starting with apps that have an upgrade available (more on upgrading later). You can also view your uninstalled apps by tapping on “Uninstalled” on the right. From the uninstalled screen you can view your previously installed apps and games and re-install them if you wish.

Software Updates for Apps and Games

There are two different locations where you will be notified of available updates when they become available. The first is on the Home screen — simply tap the exclamation point (circled in red below) to view a list of available updates. Tap one of the items and then tap update from the presentation page you are taken to.

The second way you will be notified is when you launch BlackBerry App World and see a red splat over the My World tab. Tap My World, and all apps and games with available updates are at the top of the installed list. Select an item and then tap update from the presentation page.

Setting your Payment Options

Before I explain how to set up payment options, let me first state that this is not a requirement for free products and is only necessary if you plan to purchase items from the BlackBerry App World storefront.

Something else to keep in mind is that you will always be able to identify clearly whether an app or game is free, or incurs a cost. Some apps can also be installed on a trial basis as well, allowing you to try them out before purchasing.

You should know that before you are able to purchase an app, you need to set up a payment option, and every purchase requires you to enter your BlackBerry ID login credentials before installation. This requirement gives you peace of mind in knowing that you will never unintentionally purchase an app or game.

1. Tap the “App World” Icon from the Home screen or from within a folder
2. Swipe down from the top bezel to reveal the settings menu

3. Tap “Payment Options” and then enter your BlackBerry ID password, tap “Sign In” to continue
4. Choose a payment method from the drop down and then tap “Select”
5. Enter the required information for that payment method and tap “Save”

Content Settings

If you read my Five Tip Friday – Sharing a BlackBerry PlayBook post, then you have a few ideas of how to best manage your device if you share it. Something I should have mentioned in that post was the Content Settings feature in BlackBerry App World:

1. Tap the “App World” icon from the Home Screen or from within a folder
2. Swipe down from the top bezel to reveal the setting menu
3. Tap “Content Settings” Choose one of the four options, a description of the allowed content is displayed to the left when an option is selected.
4. When ready, tap the on off toggle switch to enable content settings (circled in red below)

5. You will be prompted to enter a 4-digit password, tap “Save” to continue
6. Tap “Back” in the top left corner of your screen

Getting Support

If you require support for an app or game you installed from BlackBerry App World, the first step is to find out how the developer supports their product.

First open BlackBerry App World and then tap “My World”. From either the “Installed” or “Uninstalled” tabs, select the app or game and the presentation page will appear. Tap “Support” in the top right corner — the vendor’s support and contact details will then be provided.

In the event you do need to contact the developer, provide as much detailed information as possible. If you haven’t read Finding Answers: Help Us Help You post, I highly suggest taking the time to do so as the recommendations there can be applied to most support situations.

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