You Should Know: How to Pair Your BlackBerry PlayBook with a Bluetooth Device

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How to connect Bluetooth® devices to a BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet

Bluetooth devices are the perfect complement to your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, but if you are new to Bluetooth, some of the terms can make it seem difficult to use. In actuality, once you understand the fundamentals, Bluetooth devices are great!

Today I’d like to provide you an explanation of how to connect your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to a Bluetooth device. If you are using a BlackBerry® smartphone only and want to learn how to pair it with a Bluetooth device, check out our previous post on how to pair your BlackBerry smartphone with a Bluetooth Wireless Headset.

Ready to connect your tablet to a Bluetooth device? Give me five minutes and you’ll be good to go!

Something very important to understand when connecting two devices via Bluetooth is that one of the two devices must be “discoverable”. Basically, this means that one device must be broadcasting its availability for a connection to another device. Most devices must be placed into “Pairing Mode” to become discoverable.

Devices such as a BlackBerry® HS-700 Wireless Headset and the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard are examples of devices that need to be in pairing mode before a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet can recognize and then make a connection to them. The manual that came with your Bluetooth device will explain how to enable pairing mode to make the device become discoverable.

1. From the Home screen or from within a folder, tap the settings in the top right corner (the gear icon)
2. Tap “Bluetooth” and then toggle Bluetooth connectivity to “On”
3. If required, choose “On” or “2 Minutes” to make the BlackBerry PlayBook discoverable to the other device (Note: This is only necessary if you are connecting the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet)
4. Enable pairing mode on the device to be connected, eg the BlackBerry HS-700 Wireless Headset
5. Tap “Add New Device” on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

6. The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will search for and then list devices that which are discoverable and available to pair
7. Tap the device once the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has found it under Found Devices
8. Most device will require a pass key — “0000” is the most common, so try that first; if this does not work, check the documentation that came with your device for the correct passkey

9. Tap “Next” to continue” and wait for the device to connect
10. Tap “Back” once the device shows as connected.

You can tell which devices are connected currently to your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet by the double green arrows next to the device in the Paired Devices list.

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