How to access app or game options on a BlackBerry PlayBook

HOW-TO / 06.20.12 / tywill1

In order to get the best experience from your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet, a very important gesture that you should know is how to show the menu. This way you can access options for a function, such as the ability to change the scene mode in the Camera, or use the Pictures to set a photo as your tablet’s wallpaper.

Provided the app or game you are currently using supports this gesture, swiping down from the top bezel will often produce a menu that allows you to customize or learn more about the particular app or game you are using.

As mentioned earlier, some apps and games don’t have a menu, so nothing may occur when you do this gesture. With that being said, here are a few examples of the menus you can expect to see when using common functions such as Messages, Photos and more!

** The photos below have been cropped to show only the menu that appears **




Video Camera

BlackBerry App World™

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