Meet Joey Sanders, the first BlackBerry Community Support Forums Resident Expert!

COMMUNITY / 04.18.12 / boreev1

Joey aka JSanders

#TeamBlackBerry, please join me in congratulating our newest ranked officer, hailing from Alabama in the United Stated of America: Joey Sanders aka JSanders! Joey joined the community when it launched April 1st, 2008 and since then he has produced over 50,000 posts in the BlackBerry Community Support Forums (BSCF). When I look at the numbers, they are staggering because only a few of these posts are to start new topics – that means he has over 49,000 replies to others! This truly proves his desire to assist other members of the community.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Joey in person and his fun banter will make anyone feel like they’re talking to a family member they may not have seen for a while, or just had a barbeque with last week!

I asked for a few thoughts on him, from others, and here’s what other users in the community are saying:

“Joey was one of the first to reach out to me when I joined this Community…his manner, style, and grace at dealing with me (who, at that time, knew very little!!) was beyond compare. He truly has taught me so much, and has been a true prince among princes (and princesses!).”

“Joey’s passion for “doing good” is so very obvious. To volunteer so much time to what is so often a thankless activity proves his inner drive to “pay it forward”. To reach 50K posts…well, that’s just further depiction of that passion.”

“When it comes to discussing BlackBerry devices, there are few as knowledgeable or proficient as JSanders. But that’s not all he’s good at! He’s also king at turning trolls to stone, and man, does he ever know his grits!”

“Just like your favorite college team you have been at the top for a few years. Roll tide roll”

Connect with Joey at the BlackBerry Community Support Forums or on Twitter – @Jsanders10.

With Joey being our first ‘Resident Expert’, I’d like to explain a little more of what this is and what it means to our community.

A Resident Expert is not a rank that one can ‘rank up to’. This is an appointed rank that is presented to indicate a user’s desire and dedication to their fellow BlackBerry users to make sure we can all enjoy and get the most out of our BlackBerry smartphone. It shows true knowledge of the product, and commitment to the community and to us all as BlackBerry product lovers!

Want to learn more about our ranking system, or even join our ranks and become a ranked officer? Join the BCSF and get connected to hundreds of thousands of BlackBerry users just like you!

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