Inside @AyudaBlackBerry: Get to know Social Support Team Member Noemi!

COMMUNITY / 04.16.12 / tywill1

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Before I launched this blog series, did you know that Research In Motion (RIM®) had a Spanish-speaking social support Twitter® channel? More importantly, have you thought about the work required to manage a channel with 300,000+ followers? If you read our 2012 winning Shorty Industry Awards entry, you know that @AyudaBlackBerry has grown significantly over the past year. This growth would not have been possible without our reliable team of Spanish-speaking social support analysts, some of which I’ve already introduced you to (Ivan, Juan and John). And today, I’m pleased to share some insight about Noemi (aka ^NL), our leading lady behind @AyudaBlackBerry!

Read on to learn more about Noemi’s personal and professional life (and her favorite #BBTips)!

How long have you been working for the RIM Social Support Team?

I joined the team back in January of 2010. I had been working on phone support with Latin American carriers and customers for 2+ years already so it was a new frontier for me.

What type of BlackBerry smartphone do you have?

I have my beloved BlackBerry® Bold™ 9930 smartphone – I really don’t know what I would do without it! I can listen to my music, read my emails, chat and play games – talk about multitasking!

What is the most used tool on your BlackBerry smartphone?

My emails – I like staying up to speed on everything and am obsessed with reading my email any chance I get, even at midnight.

What is your favorite BlackBerry smartphone tip/trick?

I love being able to easily send an email I drafted by pressing the Menu key twice. As a Spanish user, I also love being able to make a “ñ” by simply pressing N + scroll.

What is your favorite app developed by RIM for your BlackBerry smartphone?

BlackBerry® Maps – it has saved me more than once. No matter where I go, I know I always have my sidekick to guide me.

Tell us a little about your growing up and where you’re from.

I was born in La Paz, Bolivia. My family moved to Dallas, Texas when I was nine years old. We traveled back and forth a lot and I went to college in Bolivia. I graduated from the Universidad Católica Boliviana “San Pablo” with a degree in Systems Engineering.

What is your native tongue and when did you learn your second language?

I was raised in a Spanish environment and learned English when I was nine years old.

What is your favorite food?

My favorite food in La Paz is Salteñas, which are usually served around 10 in the morning. They are like empanadas filled with chicken or beef.

What type of music do you listen to? Do you listen to music at work? If so, what type of music do you prefer to listen to while you are working?

I listen to all different types of music, depending on what kind of mood I’m in. I can listen to Laura Pausini, Rosana, or Matchbox Twenty and The Black Eyed Peas, or even some good old country. I ALWAYS listen to music at work – it helps me concentrate.

Thanks for your time, Noemi! Readers, let Noemi know if you have any questions for her in the comments.

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