Inside @AyudaBlackBerry: Get to know Social Support Team Member John!

COMMUNITY / 04.02.12 / tywill1

Hey #TeamBlackBerry, it’s time to introduce you to another member of @AyudaBlackBerry, our Spanish-speaking Twitter® handle! John (AKA ^JAV) started working for RIM as part of the pilot program that ultimately launched @AyudaBlackBerry and the larger Spanish social support program. He’s seen the Twitter handle grow from 2,000 to 300,000 followers! John’s a true technical expert and BlackBerry® product fanatic, as evidenced by his impressive collection of BlackBerry devices.

(In case you’re curious, the postcard above was made using Scrapbook, a free app for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet available in BlackBerry App World!)

Read on to learn more about John!

IBB: How long have you been working for the Social Support Team?

^JAV: A little over two years – I originally started in January 2010 as part of the Spanish-speaking pilot program. There were about half a dozen of us who would take turns moderating the Spanish BlackBerry Community Forums and Twitter. @AyudaBlackBerry had 2,000 followers, and within eight months, after an official team (of two analysts) had been created, there were 6,000…and we’ve only continued to grow!

What type of BlackBerry smartphone do you have?

Currently my thumbs are typing away on my BlackBerry® Curve™ 9360 smartphone and my BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900 smartphone. Although I often get nostalgic and pull out my older devices:

What BlackBerry apps are most useful to you?

It’s a tie between Memo Pad (with BlackBerry® Bridge™!) and Password Keeper. I have to write everything down before I forget it, and these two tools help me do just that!

What is your favorite BlackBerry smartphone tip/trick?

Being able to quickly capitalize a letter (especially useful for names!) or add accents to characters. I always love the reaction I get when I show people how easy it is to do these things on a BlackBerry smartphone!

  • To capitalize a letter, simply press and hold the key for about three seconds
  • To add accents to a character, press and hold the letter key and move the track pad up/down or left/right to see each special character available with that letter

How do you enjoy spending your personal time?

I spend most of my free time with my family, but have always been a big fan of video games and spontaneous road trips. I have a one-year-old son who I love hanging out with. And when he’s napping, I occasionally sneak in a few minutes of Plants vs Zombies on my BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet. 🙂

What type of music do you listen to? Do you listen to music at work? If so, what type of music do you prefer to listen to while you are working?

I listen to whatever my BBM Music friends have on their playlists. It varies greatly from Kanye West to Brad Paisley to Pitbull to Queens of the Stone Age. At work, you’ll catch me listening to Deadmau5 or Girl Talk.

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