BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Insider Event Recap

COMMUNITY / 03.26.12 / boreev1

Michael Clewley

A few weeks ago, we held our third Community Insider Event on the BlackBerry® Support Community and I’m pleased to announce that it was a huge success! The two-day Q&A session invited members of the support community to ask questions about BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS 2.0 with Michael Clewley (the smiley fella featured above :)), Senior Product Manager for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet. In just two days, we saw more than 500 posts on the event board. Michael did an excellent job managing the conversation and responding to questions and comments from a diverse group of BlackBerry customers, including Super Users and developers, regular forum contributors and new community members alike.

Overall, the community appreciated the opportunity to connect directly with Michael, as demonstrated by their comments during the event:

“Michael Clewley You’re doing an awesome job with this event! Thanks for answering all our questions! ❤ #TeamBlackBerry”

“Thanks, Michael!! I’m getting up-to-speed with the PlayBook…thanks for reminding me of this useful feature…does the job admirably!”

RIM’s priority is to provide the best possible experience for customers, and the Insider Event Series is part of our larger effort to do just that – to help product managers like Michael better understand what our customers are looking for from BlackBerry products and services. If you have yet to participate in an Insider Event series, I’d encourage you to join the next event but you can check out past event boards:

For those of you who participated in the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 event, we sent you a survey asking for feedback on your experience. If you haven’t had a chance to fill it out, I’d encourage you to do so as we truly value your feedback, especially as we plan upcoming events. We haven’t set a date for the next one, but we’ll provide updates here, so stay tuned!

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