Getting Started with Documents To Go on a BlackBerry PlayBook

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Docs to Go

How often do you use the Documents To Go® apps on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet to work on Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® Excel® documents, or to use your tablet’s HDMI functionality to display a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on a bigger screen? If you’re not already taking advantage of these great apps, here are a few reasons why you should start using them and where to learn more about them.

Before we begin, I highly recommend reviewing this post on how to copy files to and from a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet using Wi-Fi Sharing so you can access files you create on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and PC or Mac. Don’t forget you can also use a USB cable to access the file system of your tablet in the event that you do not have an active Wi-Fi® connection. For an overview of how to set up a USB connection, check out the BlackBerry How To Demonstrations in addition to reviewing the user guide for your tablet.

Word To Go

Word To Go allows you to view, create and edit Microsoft Word documents using your tablet. After opening the Word To Go application, you can tap on “New Document”, or select “Browse” to find a file you’ve previously worked on or copied to your tablet using USB or Wi-Fi file sharing. A few of my favorite features include:

  1. Spell checking – Any misspelled words will be underlined so you can tap on the word and select the correct spelling of the word.
  2. Document details – Easily identify the number of words, characters and paragraphs in a document.
  3. Font styles – Personalize your document as you see fit.

Docs to Go

You also have the ability to cut, paste and copy text while editing a Word To Go document. For information on how do this, check out our blog post on how to cut, copy and paste text on a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. To learn more about all of the features offered by Word To Go, check out our How To Demo.

Sheet To Go

Similar to Word To Go, Sheet To Go allows you to view, create and edit Microsoft Excel documents using your tablet. After opening the Sheet To Go app, you have the option of creating a new Excel document, or opening an existing file using the “Browse” option. A few of my favorite features offered by Sheet To Go are:

  1. Pinch to zoom in and out – Drill down to information you need or zoom out for a high level view of your document.
  2. Quick format functions – Easily switch between text, number, currency and more.
  3. Formula tips – Get suggestions to help you enter the required formula details.

Docs to Go

For a more detailed overview of the features available offered by Sheet To Go, check out our How To Demo.

Slideshow To Go

Viewing and playing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations using Slideshow To Go is a lot of fun on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, as you can take advantage of several useful features such as being able to display your presentation on a bigger screen using an HDMI cable. One of my favorite features is how I can multi-task while displaying a presentation on a bigger screen, so if you need to visit a website to retrieve some information while people are reviewing your presentation, you can! In addition to displaying presentations on a bigger screen, you also have the ability to view notes or slide thumbnails which can help you give a great presentation to friends and colleagues.

To learn more about how to use Slideshow To Go, check out our How To Demo.

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