Inside BlackBerry Help Blog End of Year Wrap-Up

COMMUNITY / 12.22.11 / tywill1

Since 2011 is coming to a close, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite posts from the year that can be used to help you get started with a new BlackBerry® 7 OS smartphone or BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet. I’ve also listed a few of my favorite tips and tricks posts so make sure you check these out, especially if you receive a new BlackBerry® smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook tablet as a gift!

Since it’s the holiday season, if you own a BlackBerry smartphone, consider making yourself an avatar and dress it in up in an ugly sweater – because nothing says “it’s the holidays!” like a ugly sweater! Check out our post on the BlackBerry Avatar Builder – Ugly Sweater Expansion pack and BlackBerry 7 OS Support for an overview of how you can make an avatar like mine below.

After creating your avatar, here are a few handy posts related to BlackBerry 7 OS that can help you get started, or learn more about your BlackBerry 7 OS smartphone if you already own one.

Moving on to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, here are a few posts with some useful information on using the tablet:

And to close, listed below are a few of my favorite posts from 2011, including a lot of tips and tricks! Make sure you share any tips you have by leaving a comment, as we’d love to hear from you.

If you are looking for even more tips for the BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, check out our Five Tip Friday Posts.

One last note: Although the Help Blog is going on holidays, our @BlackBerryHelp Twitter® account will be around to assist you! Please feel free to ask @BlackBerryHelp any questions you may have over the holidays as they will be happy to help you out. (In addition to @BlackBerryHelp, don’t forgot to visit the BlackBerry Support Community Forums – the BlackBerry community can help provide some assistance if you have any additional questions!)

Thanks again for a wonderful year and we look forward to providing our readers with more great content in 2012. As always, please leave a comment and let us know what you’d like to see in 2012!

Happy holidays from the Inside BlackBerry Help Blog team!

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