How to set up BlackBerry PlayBook Internet Tethering

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Need Internet on the go, but you’re not near a Wi-Fi® hotspot? When there’s no other way to access the Internet, you can tether your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet to a Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone.

Here’s an overview of how to get Internet Tethering set up on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet!

In order to use Internet Tethering, you must pair a BlackBerry smartphone that supports the Dial Up Networking (DUN) Bluetooth profile with a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet using BlackBerry® Bridge™ or using a standard Bluetooth pairing connection. You can also use another type of smartphone provided it is able to make a successful Bluetooth pairing connection with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

If you are using a BlackBerry smartphone and you plan on using BlackBerry Bridge, please check out our article and on How to set up BlackBerry Bridge If you plan on using a standard Bluetooth pairing connection with a BlackBerry smartphone or another type of smartphone, check out the smartphone’s user guide for instructions on making a Bluetooth pairing connection, as well as KB26141, which provides an overview of how to pair the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet with a Bluetooth device. For BlackBerry smartphone user guides, visit

You must also ensure you have a data plan that supports tethering and your wireless service provider must allow tethering as well. For more information about any of these requirements, contact your wireless service provider or administrator, check your wireless service plan, and consult the documentation that came with your smartphone.

Another thing to keep in mind when you attempt to setup Internet Tethering is that if you are using a BlackBerry smartphone and it is activated on a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, contact your BlackBerry administrator to make sure that the appropriate IT policy is enabled on your BlackBerry smartphone so you can use Internet Tethering.

With that being said, here’s how to set up Internet Tethering provided you’ve set up BlackBerry Bridge, or have made a Bluetooth connection with a smartphone:

1. From the Home screen, select the “Settings” icon
2. From the Settings screen, select “Internet Tethering
3. Select a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone from the list an do any of the following:
a. Select the Carrier from the list of pre-configured Wireless Service Profiles.

Tethering BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

b. Click on the “Add” button to create a customer Internet Tethering profile and enter all the required information. Contact your wireless provider for this information if needed.

Tethering BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

4. Tap “Connect”.

After completing the steps above, Internet Tethering is set up! To verify your connection details, just tap on the Bluetooth icon that appears on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet home screen.

Tethering BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

When you are not using the Internet Tethering connection, you should disconnect the session. To do this, tap on the Bluetooth icon and select “Disconnect” as per the screenshot above.

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