How to restore your BlackBerry PlayBook OS to the current version (v1.0.7) if you’ve installed the Developer Beta OS (v2.0)

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One of the announcements made at BlackBerry® DevCon Americas this year was the availability of the Developer Beta for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS v2.0 (Development Beta OS), which is or designed to allow developers to test and refine their Android™ apps to run on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

The Developer Beta OS doesn’t contain any updates of end-user features or functionality, so unless you are developing for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, you should not be using the Developer Beta OS. Another important thing to keep in mind is that some apps and games that are designed for the current PlayBook OS – which as of today is v1.0.7 – may not function properly with the Developer Beta OS (don’t worry, this will be fixed by the time PlayBook OS 2.0 is out of beta and ready for general availability).

In the event you installed the Developer Beta OS and now want to return to the current PlayBook OS (v1.0.7), which is highly recommended if you are not a developer, here’s an overview of what to do:


The first thing you’ll need to know is that if you signed up for and installed the Developer Beta OS, you’ll need to wait approximately 24 hours before you can reinstall the current version (v1.0.7), otherwise your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will apply the Developer Beta OS again. (For those who received a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet at BlackBerry DevCon Americas with the Developer Beta OS pre-installed, you can install v1.0.7 at any time.)

Provided 24 hours have passed since signing up and installing the Developer Beta OS, complete the following steps using BlackBerry® Desktop Software to return to the current non-beta release (v1.0.7) of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS.

Tip: BlackBerry Desktop Software is available for PC and Mac users, and the latest version can be downloaded from the BlackBerry Desktop Software website.

Restoring the BlackBerry PlayBook OS to v1.0.7 will erase everything on the tablet, so make sure that you back up any important documents and files before proceeding. Important: If you backup your PlayBook while it is running the Developer Beta OS, you’ll be unable to restore this backup file to your PlayBook once you’ve loaded OS v1.0.7. This is in reference to running a general back up using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. What you can back up safely are specific documents, photos, or other files – and then reload them once you’ve restored OS v1.0.7. There are several methods to accomplish this; consider using USB File Sharing, or Wi-Fi® File Sharing to backup important documents, photos, or other files before proceeding with the steps below.


  • BlackBerry PlayBook tablet with at least 20% battery life
  • BlackBerry Desktop Software and a USB cable
  • Active Internet connection


  1. Turn off the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
  2. Using a PC or Mac, open BlackBerry Desktop Software
  3. Using the USB cable, connect the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to your computer:
    • If prompted, enter your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet password
  4. A dialog will appear stating BlackBerry Desktop Software cannot connect to your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. When this appears, click “Update”.
    • Note, this dialog will disappear when the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet boots up completely. If this occurs, disconnect the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and repeat the previous steps to get the dialog to appear again.
  5. Enter your email address or uncheck “Yes, email me when updates are available”.
  6. Depending on which version of BlackBerry Desktop Software you are using select one of the following options:
    • BlackBerry Desktop Software for PC, click “Install”.
    • BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac, click “Repair”.

After clicking one of the above options, your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet should have the current non-beta release of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS installed (v1.0.7). After the OS is restored to v1.0.7, you’ll be presented with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet Setup Wizard, which will allow you to setup the tablet again. While setting up your tablet again, you can check out the BlackBerry PlayBook category of the Inside BlackBerry Help Blog to learn more about your tablet.

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