BlackBerry Support Community Submits Groundswell Entries

NEWS / 08.23.11 / kerrib1

I come to work every day excited to work for a company driven to help our customers. I’m especially proud of the BlackBerry® community’s loyal and helpful Support Community experts.

As you may remember, a few months back, our BlackBerry Support Community had a facelift. What was once a basic support forum has been effectively transformed into a dynamic site that not only provides answers to customer inquiries, but also allows members to engage in active conversation with our BlackBerry experts, more formally referred to as Super Users.

We LOVE our Super Users, without whom the BlackBerry Support Community would not be the valuable resource that it is. Their BlackBerry expertise and enthusiasm is irreplaceable, and many community members may not realize exactly who they are. Our Super Users are BlackBerry volunteer advocates who contribute the most to our BlackBerry Support Community, some spending nearly 40 hours a week assisting others in the Community. They have special access to the Support Community and are frequently in direct contact with many of us on our internal team here at Research In Motion® (RIM®). If I may say so, our Super User program is unique and inspirational; it allows us the opportunity to empower our community members with BlackBerry knowledge.

As a result of our growing community – much of which we owe to our Super Users – we were recognized this year at both the Shorty Awards and the Social Customer Excellence Awards. And now our Support Community and our Super Users are up for two Forrester Groundswell Awards, for “Supporting” and “Embracing”.

Both of these awards are currently going through a voting process, so if you have ever visited the Support Community, I encourage you to cast your vote* and submit a review in honor of Team BlackBerry! See below for our submissions:

* To vote, you can rate the award using the stars in the bottom right corner, and to write a review, click the orange box to the right of the stars.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

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