Five Tip Friday – BlackBerry Smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Multimedia Tips

FIVE TIP FRIDAY / 08.05.11 / tywill1

BlackBerry multimedia tips

Hi #TeamBlackBerry! This week’s Five Tip Friday, focuses on using multimedia on your BlackBerry® smartphone or BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet – for example, playing music or using the BlackBerry® Podcasts app to watch your favorite channels (one of my favorite things!).

Let’s get started:

1. BlackBerry smartphone – Synchronizing music over the air using Wi-Fi® Music Sync

If you use BlackBerry® Desktop Software to synchronize your music, you’ll want to start using Wi-Fi® Music Sync! Simply put, this feature creates a listing of all the music you’ve synchronized onto your BlackBerry smartphone in addition to other music in your library that you haven’t synchronized yet.

The next time you find music in your library that isn’t on your BlackBerry smartphone, you can use Wi-Fi Music Sync to mark it. That way, the next time you are on the same Wi-Fi network as the computer that you installed BlackBerry Desktop Software on, the music you chose will automatically synchronize to your BlackBerry smartphone.

In order to use Wi-Fi Music Sync, your BlackBerry smartphone must be running BlackBerry® 6. The learn more about this feature and how to use it, check out BlackBerry Desktop Software website and review the User Guide that applies to you below:

2. BlackBerry smartphone & BlackBerry PlayBook tablet – Navigate Music using Volume keys

A feature I find most people overlook is the ability to use the volume keys to change the song while playing music. Just tap and hold Volume Up to move to the next song, and hold Volume Down for two seconds to start the current song over again, or three seconds to play the previous song again. For more useful tips and tricks, check out the user guide for your BlackBerry smartphone.

3. BlackBerry smartphone & BlackBerry PlayBook tablet – Enable Audio Boost

The audio boost feature allows you to amplify the volume more than the normal volume settings allow for songs, ring tones, and videos. I use the Audio Boost feature whenever I have my BlackBerry smartphone hooked up to my home stereo’s auxiliary input. If you use headphones, be careful with this setting as the music can get pretty loud!

To enable Audio Boost on a BlackBerry smartphone, complete the following steps:

1. On the Home screen, click the Media icon.
2. Press the Menu key and select Media Options.
3. Select the Audio Boost check box.
4. Read the warning on the screen and if you want to proceed, click Yes.
5. Press the Menu key and select Save.

BlackBerry multimedia tips

To enable Audio Boost on a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, complete the following steps.

1. On the Home screen, click on the Gear icon in the top right corner
2. Tap Sounds.
3. Select the Headphone Audio Boost check box.
4. Read the warning on the screen and if you want to proceed, click Ok.

4. BlackBerry smartphone – Tips for saving battery, and managing free space while using BlackBerry Podcasts!

Since it’s the summer and I’m traveling a lot, I don’t always have the ability to charge my BlackBerry device, so this setting saved me some battery life. To use this feature, complete the following steps:

1. Open the Podcasts app.
2. Press the Menu key and select Options.
3. Select the Only download Podcasts while charging checkbox.

Make sure you check out the other options, including ‘When new episodes are found,’ which allows you to manage the number of episodes BlackBerry Podcasts keeps for each channel you’ve subscribed to. For more useful information, check out the BlackBerry Podcasts user guide.

5. BlackBerry PlayBook tablet – Playing Multimedia in background tabs while using the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet Browser

If you’ve updated your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to BlackBerry Tablet OS Version 1.0.7, you’ll be able to take advantage of multimedia playback in background tabs while using the Browser. For example, this allows you to listen to an online radio station in a background tab while checking another website.

All you need to do whenever you come across a website with multimedia that you’d like to keep playing in a background tab, just swipe down and select the New Tab, and start browsing again. Something to keep in mind is that some websites may not support this feature depending on how the multimedia is displayed on the website.

Got a tip you’d like to share? Leave a comment and let us know!

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