Fun with AutoText – BlackBerry 6 edition

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AutoText in BlackBerry 6

A few years ago, my colleague Michelle wrote a post (Fun with AutoText) that provided an overview of the AutoText feature available on the BlackBerry® smartphone. This handy feature allows a BlackBerry smartphone to replace specific text with AutoText entries. For example, if you type something that can be replaced with an AutoText entry, the text changes after you press the Space key (for example, BRB will change to Be Right Back). Today I’d like to show you how to customize AutoText to suit your needs while using BlackBerry® 6, since the menus have changed slightly.

If you are using an older version of BlackBerry® Device Software, such as BlackBerry Device Software v5.0 or earlier, check out Michelle’s Fun with AutoText post for information on how to use AutoText.

When you start using a BlackBerry smartphone, AutoText is already enabled, and has preloaded entries to correct spelling mistakes and offer shortcuts for commonly used terms. Here are a few examples I’ve captured while reviewing my Word Substitution listing on my BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 smartphone – the Replace column shows the text I entered, and after pressing the Space key, the With value is entered automatically.

Replace With
Spelling mistakes agian again
alot a lot
Inserting symbols br ( (left bracket)
rb ) (right bracket)
Shortcuts mynumber Your BlackBerry smartphone phone number
mypin Your BlackBerry smartphone PIN number
Abbreviations mo Month
ld The current date (i.e Thu, July 21, 2011)

To get the most out of AutoText, here are some instructions on how to review and customize AutoText to suit your preferences!

Reviewing AutoText entries

1. On the home screen, select Options
2. Select Typing and Input
3. Select Word Substitution and you’ll be shown a listing of the available AutoText entries.

AutoText in BlackBerry 6

Creating a new AutoText entry

1. On the Home screen, select Options.
2. Select Typing and Input.
3. Select Word Substitution.
4. Press the Menu key and select New.

AutoText in BlackBerry 6

5. In the Replace field, type the text that you’d like to have replaced automatically (i.e. ttyl).
6. In the With field, do one of the following:

  • Type the desired replacement text (i.e. Talk to you later!)
  • Insert a macro – For example, the current date or time. To do this, press the Menu key and select Insert Macro (i.e. %t which will insert the Short Time, 12:54pm)

7. Specify one of the following options:

  • To capitalize the entry exactly as you typed it, change the Using field to Specified Case.
  • To capitalize the entry according to the context, change the Using field to Smart Case.

8. In the Language field, select the desired language or use the default option of All Locales.

AutoText in BlackBerry 6

9. Press the Menu key and select Save.

Changing or deleting an AutoText entry

1. On the Home screen, select Options.
2. Select Typing and Input.
3. Select Word Substitution.
4. Highlight an AutoText entry and press the Menu key.

  • To change the AutoText entry, click Edit, change the entry and when finished, press the Menu key and select Save.
  • To delete the AutoText entry, click Delete.

AutoText in BlackBerry 6

Undo an AutoText change

There are times when AutoText will correct a word that you don’t want to change. For example, if you have an AutoText entry to change ‘ttyl’ to ‘Talk to you later!” and you want to keep just ‘ttyl’, all you need do is press the Backspace key twice and you’ll notice the original text you entered is restored.

If you’ve added a custom AutoText entry that you use a lot, let us know what it is by leaving a comment so others can try it out as well! Don’t forget to stop by the BlackBerry Support Community Forums and say hello as we’d love to hear from you.

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