Five Tip Friday – BlackBerry Bridge Messages

FIVE TIP FRIDAY / 07.22.11 / tywill1

BlackBerry Bridge messages

It’s Friday! To kick off the last day before the weekend, here are five tips for when you are using the Messages feature available through the BlackBerry® Bridge™ application on the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet.

1. Double tap to get full screen messages in landscape view

If you are looking at your messages while using your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet in landscape view, double tap on a message to make it full screen. To close the full screen message view, double tap again.

Before double tapping:

BlackBerry Bridge messages

After double tapping:

BlackBerry Bridge messages

2. Hide sent and filed items

By design, the Messages app on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet displays your messages based on the settings you’ve specified on your BlackBerry smartphone. To view and change these settings, complete the following steps on your BlackBerry smartphone:

1. On the home screen, select “Messages”.
2. Press the menu key and select “Options”.
3. Select one of the following depending on your BlackBerry smartphone:

  • BlackBerry® Device Software version 5.0 – Select “General Options”
  • BlackBerry® 6 – Select “Message Display and Actions”

4. Toggle the “Hide Filed Messages” and “Hide Sent Messages” checkboxes to your desired settings.

The following screenshot shows how these settings appear on a BlackBerry smartphone using BlackBerry 6:

BlackBerry Bridge messages

3. View Folders

If you hid your sent items or need to look for an email you filed previously, tap All Messages that appears in the top right corner, followed by tapping View Folder.

BlackBerry Bridge messages

BlackBerry Bridge messages

Bonus: If you have a BlackBerry smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard, you can quickly access your sent items by pressing ALT and O at the same time while viewing your inbox.

4. Multi-select

By using Multi-select, managing a large volume of email is easy as you can quickly file a bunch of messages, mark them read and unread, or delete them. Just tap on the Multi select button (circled in red below), and after selecting a few messages you’ll have these options displayed on the bottom toolbar.

BlackBerry Bridge messages

5. Lock BlackBerry Bridge

BlackBerry Bridge messages

This tip applies to everything offered by the BlackBerry Bridge application, and is a good one for those who share their BlackBerry PlayBook tablet with others. Whenever you are finished using the BlackBerry Bridge application, you can prevent someone else from accessing your BlackBerry smartphone data by completing the following steps:

1. On the home screen, in the status bar, tap on the BlackBerry Bridge icon.
2. Tap Lock.

You can also use the status bar peek gesture to lock the BlackBerry Bridge application while using an application by swiping in from the top left or right bezel.

Make sure you leave a comment with any tips or tricks you use, as they might be featured in an upcoming Five Tip Friday post! If you are looking for more tips make sure you check out the Five Tip Friday tag right here on the Inside BlackBerry Help Blog.

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