Setting up payment options in BlackBerry App World

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BlackBerry App World payment options

When BlackBerry® App World™ 2.0 was released last year, several new features were added, including new payment options for when you make purchases within BlackBerry App World. Today, I’ll be providing an overview of the various payment options as well as outlining how you can change your billing option/payment service type.

To learn more about BlackBerry App World, visit the BlackBerry App World website.

To begin, you must have the BlackBerry App World application installed on your BlackBerry smartphone. If you haven’t installed it yet, visit this website for installation instructions. After installation of BlackBerry App World on your BlackBerry smartphone, the next step will be to register and obtain a BlackBerry ID (if you do not already have one), which will allow you to manage your BlackBerry App World purchases and billing information. It is possible to purchase applications and change your billing options/payment method from the BlackBerry App World desktop storefront as well. Check out the BlackBerry Technical Solution Center (BTSC) for instructions on how to register and obtain a BlackBerry ID.

If you are using the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet, there are several options available to manage your payment options. The first is using the BlackBerry App World application on your BlackBerry smartphone; the second is by using the BlackBerry App World desktop storefront. The third method is as follows: Whenever you are purchasing something on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet using BlackBerry App World, selecting Change when you are shown the purchase screen will allow you to modify your payment options. For more information, check out How to change the payment method in BlackBerry App World for BlackBerry PlayBook.

For this post, I’ll be focusing on changing your billing/payment preferences using the BlackBerry App World application on your BlackBerry smartphone. So, provided you have installed BlackBerry App World and have a BlackBerry ID account, we can get started!

After you’ve browsed the BlackBerry App World catalog, selected an item for purchase and logged into your BlackBerry ID, you will be provided a list of payment options that supported by BlackBerry App World (if this is the first time you’ve made a purchase). Presently, the supported payment options are:

  • Credit Card – This option will allow you to register a credit card such as a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card. You will then be able to make purchases in BlackBerry App World and charge these purchases to your credit card. For a list of supported providers, check out KB25368 – Supported payment types for BlackBerry App World.
  • Carrier Billing (bill through your wireless service provider) – This option allows you to charge any purchases you make within BlackBerry App World to your wireless service provider bill. Note: Depending on your wireless service provider, country or billing restrictions imposed by your organization, this feature might not be supported. Check out KB25147 for a listing of wireless service providers that offer this feature. You should check with your service provider to ensure it is available.
  • PayPal® – If you are a PayPal user, you can input your PayPal account information and any BlackBerry App World purchases will be charged to your PayPal account.

How to specify a new Payment Method within BlackBerry App World

The payment type you selected for your first purchase on BlackBerry App World will become your default payment type for your future purchases, but you are always free to select or add a different available payment types within BlackBerry App World. Here’s one method of how you can specify Carrier Billing as your payment method:

1. Open BlackBerry App World.
2. Select My World and log in to your BlackBerry ID.
3. Press the Menu key and select Payment Options.
4. A listing of payment options that are available to you will appear. Select your preferred Payment Method from the listing.

BlackBerry App World payment options

5. Select “Next”, and a dialog will appear confirming that your payment info was saved.

Note: Remember, depending on the wireless service provider, country, or billing restrictions imposed by your organization, payment through the wireless service provider might not be supported. In addition, some countries or regions do not allow PayPal or do not support certain credit cards.

Alternatively, you can also change your payment method on the “Confirm Purchase” page when making any purchase by selecting the Edit or Change option that appears on the Confirm Purchase screen.

Again, please note that whatever payment method you’ve selected will become the default payment method for subsequent purchases. So, if you selected Carrier Billing like I did for my initial purchase, any subsequent purchases made in BlackBerry App World will select Carrier Billing as the payment method for that purchase.

However, just because you’ve selected one option doesn’t mean you can’t use the other payment methods when purchasing things from BlackBerry App World in the future. Let’s take a look at how you would add your PayPal information to your BlackBerry ID, which would allow you to charge purchases to your PayPal account instead of your wireless service provider phone bill.

How to change your Payment Method within BlackBerry App World

If you’ve purchased something previously by way of carrier billing and want to change your payment service type to use PayPal, you would repeat the steps set out above for either method, but instead of selecting Carrier Billing, you would specify PayPal as the payment service type and select “Next”. A dialog box will then appear asking you to enter your PayPal information:

BlackBerry App World payment options

After entering your information, select Save and a dialog will appear confirming that your PayPal information has been saved successfully. You can now purchase applications using your PayPal account, and subsequent purchases will use your PayPal account as the default method of payment.

For additional information on the various payment methods offered and how you would set them up, review the knowledge base article Downloading and purchasing applications using BlackBerry App World in the BlackBerry Technical Solution Center.

Do you have any questions about payment methods in BlackBerry App World? Leave a comment and let me know!

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