BlackBerry Internet Service – Reconciliation vs. Synchronization

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Email account reconciliation

It’s a very popular question from BlackBerry® Internet Service users: My contacts and calendar information synchronized with the BlackBerry Internet Service after my email address was integrated, so why doesn’t my email synchronize? Today I’d like to share my answer to that question and provide a little bit of insight into how the BlackBerry Internet Service works with your BlackBerry® smartphone.

So what exactly is the BlackBerry Internet Service? It’s designed to provide you with automatic delivery of your email messages and, depending on which email provider you use, your contacts and calendar information. One of the best things about the service is how it performs reconciliation and synchronization of your personal data. Let’s see how this applies to the email, contacts and calendar features offered by the BlackBerry Internet Service.

When you integrate your personal email address with the BlackBerry Internet Service, email reconciliation – if supported by your email provider – will be enabled. Email reconciliation means that when you mark a message as read or delete it on your BlackBerry smartphone, that same message will be marked as read or deleted on your email provider’s server. So if you are using Yahoo!® email for example, when you log in using a web browser, your inbox will match your BlackBerry smartphone’s messages view.

The BlackBerry Internet Service does not perform email synchronization, which means the only email you will be able to access on your BlackBerry smartphone is email sent and received from the time of integration with the BlackBerry Internet Service. So the key thing to remember here is that your email is reconciled – not synchronized. To learn more about wireless email reconciliation, you can view additional information on supported email providers.

Tip: If you use a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, it’s possible to populate a BlackBerry smartphone with up to 30days or 3000 previous email messages when performing an Enterprise Activation. Learn more about BlackBerry Enterprise Server email pre-population.

However, the BlackBerry Internet Service does perform wireless synchronization of your contacts and calendar information if supported by your email provider, and if you are using a required version of BlackBerry® Device Software. This means that any changes made on your BlackBerry smartphone, or by using a web mail provider’s website, will automatically synchronize over the air.

Email account reconciliation

You might be wondering which email providers provide contacts and calendar support. Currently, if you are using Gmail® (Google Mail™), Yahoo!, AOL® Mail, Alt-N or Windows Live™ Mail, Hotmail® or MSN®, you can enable wireless contact synchronization. Wireless contact synchronization requires the BlackBerry smartphone to have BlackBerry Device Software 5.x or 6.x (MSN® only works with BlackBerry Device Software 6.x). Wireless calendar synchronization is available to Gmail (Google Mail) users only and requires BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 or later.

To learn more about the BlackBerry Internet Service, check out our BlackBerry smartphone email support page. I would recommend checking out the user guide there, as it contains more information on the features I mentioned above in addition to other cool features offered by the BlackBerry Internet Service.

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