An overview of BlackBerry App World accessibility requirements

HOW-TO / 02.09.11 / tywill1

BlackBerry App World™ is an incredible source for finding the latest applications available for your BlackBerry® smartphone. Before you can use BlackBerry App World, however, there are some requirements that need to be met first. I’d like to go over these requirements for those that are interested in taking advantage of the features offered by BlackBerry App World.

To begin, in order to use the BlackBerry App World application, you must have a BlackBerry smartphone. If you don’t have one, or are purchasing one in the near future, you can always visit the BlackBerry App World desktop storefront website to view the various applications offered.

Let’s assume you have a BlackBerry smartphone – the next requirement would be ensuring your BlackBerry smartphone is using BlackBerry® Device Software version 4.5 or higher. To identify which version of BlackBerry Device Software is on your device, check out knowledge base article “How to check the version of the BlackBerry Device Software installed on the BlackBerry smartphone” which will help you identify which version of the software you are currently using. (For BlackBerry 4.0 & 5.0, go to Options > About. For BlackBerry 6, go to Options > Device > About Device Versions.)

If you are using unsupported BlackBerry device software such as BlackBerry Device Software 4.2, you may be able to upgrade to a newer version of the software. To see if there is a BlackBerry Device Software upgrade available for your BlackBerry smartphone, please visit the BlackBerry Software Update website.

Provided you are using supported BlackBerry device software, the next requirement would be verifying you are in a country that offers BlackBerry App World. To view the most up-to-date supported country list, visit the BlackBerry App World’s download page; under the System Requirements section, you will see a link to a listing of supported countries.

The final step would be verifying that your wireless service plan includes access to the BlackBerry® Browser. If you can browse websites while using your BlackBerry smartphone over the wireless network, then you have access to the BlackBerry Browser. If you do not have the BlackBerry Browser on your device, contact your wireless provider and confirm that your service plan supports it. Keep an eye out for a post in the near future as I’ll be discussing this specific requirement in more detail.

Once you have verified your BlackBerry smartphone is capable of supporting BlackBerry App World, the next step is to download and start using BlackBerry App World. For specific installation instructions, visit BlackBerry App World’s download page. Don’t forget to check out our previous posts regarding BlackBerry App World on the Inside BlackBerry Help Blog – also, read up on BlackBerry ID at the Inside BlackBerry Blog.

What’s the best app you’ve downloaded from BlackBerry App World? Leave a comment and let me know!

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