How to extend your BlackBerry 6 OS battery life even longer!

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Ever wonder how you can get even more battery life out of your BlackBerry® 6 OS smartphone? Lucky for you, the new user-friendly OS makes it even easier to fit more productivity into your busy life before you start running low. With a few quick and easy tips from your friends here at the Inside BlackBerry Help Blog, you can get more life out of your device when you need it most.

Charging – Top it up!

To keep your device running in top shape, make sure your battery is fully charged whenever possible. Whether you’re at your desk, in your car or relaxing at home, keeping your device plugged in will ensure the battery is ready to go when you are.

Quick Tip: Wall chargers are the preferable method of charging as it is a direct electrical current to your battery which allows it to recharge quicker. Don’t have your wall charger handy? Check out this mini-adaptor to turn your USB cable into a one!

Screen Display

Take a look at your Backlight settings. Simply turning the Backlight off when your device isn’t in use will help to conserve battery life. An easy way to do this is to reduce the “Backlight Timeout” on your device. You may also want to reduce your screen brightness – you’d be surprised how well you can see when it’s not fully lit.

To Reduce Backlight Timeout
(Go to options > Display > Screen Display > Scroll down to backlight time out > lower this to 20 sec)

To Reduce Backlight Brightness
(Go to options > Display > Screen Display > Scroll down to Backlight Brightness > lower this to 30)

When your device is not being used hold down the ‘Lock’ button in the upper left corner to enter the BlackBerry® smartphone into standby mode.

Typing and Input

If you don’t need it, turn off your key tone. If you think about how many keys you press in a day, it can really add up.

(Go to Options > Typing and Input > Keyboard > Uncheck Key Tone)

Network Connections

Be sure to turn off any unused connections when they aren’t in use like your Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® signals.

(From the home screen, select ‘Manage connections’ – here you can disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi)


Another new feature with BlackBerry 6 is the ability to create icons on the home screen. Save yourself from having to browse for your favorite website by creating shortcuts right on your home screen.

(Open the Browser to your favorite website > Press the menu key > Select ‘Add to Home Screen’)

Also, make sure to close your Browser when you’re not using it. Be sure to use the ESC key to exit instead of the red End key.


If you’re running really low and need to make your battery last, a final resort is to turn off all background Applications that may be running. Be sure to close the app by pressing the Menu key and selecting Close.

Also, keep an eye on your Podcast and social application updates. You might want to consider changing the frequency of your notifications until you’re able to top up your battery.


Keep in mind that GPS uses up power even if you aren’t using it. So unless you’re running Applications that require GPS to be on, such as BlackBerry Traffic or Facebook Places for BlackBerry smartphones, you might want to turn it off until you need it.

(Options-Device > Location Settings > Location Service > Location off)


When your battery is running low, you’ll want to limit usage of your media player. If you aren’t using it, be sure to exit using the ESC key instead of the red End key. You can also set the default timeout to shorter interval within Media > Options. If you need to use it, reduce volume and use headphones.

For more great tips to get the most out of your battery life on your BlackBerry smartphone, check out this article on BlackBerry smartphone battery power saving tips.

Do you have any extra tips or tricks for extending your device’s battery life? Let us know in the comments!

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