Welcome to Inside BlackBerry® Help Blog, the BlackBerry smartphone support blog and the newest edition to the Inside BlackBerry blog family!

You’ve probably seen us (or our work) around in spaces such as the BlackBerry Support Community Forums, @BlackBerryHelp on Twitter, and the Official BlackBerry® Channel on YouTube™. We’ve loved being engaged with the community through these channels (and will continue to do so!) and hope we have helped many of you out along way.

Through this support blog we feel we can add a little extra to the community by sharing knowledge and tips… before you even have to ask!

What this blog is about

We’ve assembled some of our best technical support experts to provide tips and tricks, go in depth on features and show you how it all works.

But we know this blog isn’t just about us and our perspectives – it’s about YOU and what you need to know to get the most out of your BlackBerry smartphone. Be sure to join in the conversation and get connected with the great information being shared online!

What this blog isn’t about

We’re excited to continue to contribute to the conversation, but that said, this isn’t the place to discuss topics like unreleased products, financial and forward-looking statements, service outages or carrier matters. Besides, these are matters where our topic experts aren’t, well, the experts.

Let us know what’s working and what’s not. See our Comments Policy, and you can also suggest a topic you’d like to see discussed.