Getting started with Password Keeper using PRIV


app-password-keeperOne of my favorite PRIV apps is Password Keeper. It allows me to keep all of my login details, passwords, and other important records in one location, safe and secure.

I cannot stress enough the value of this app and I encourage you to try it out. Having all of your data in one location, safe and secure, will come in handy at some point 🙂

To help you get started with Password Keeper, check out the overview below:

If you used Password Keeper on a BlackBerry 10 device you can export and import your data into your PRIV. For an overview of the different methods you can use to accomplish this, check out “How to import BlackBerry 10 Password Keeper data to PRIV.”Before we begin:

  1. A single password is used to secure Blackberry Password Keeper data – do not forget this password as it cannot be reset, and entering the wrong password 10 times will result in your Password Keeper data getting erased as a security precaution.

If you haven’t already opened Password Keeper on your PRIV, do so and set your password.
Since this password is used to access all of your data within Password Keeper, we highly recommend using a strong password.

Tip: Check out the Password Keeper web based training course! 

If you need help creating a strong password, click here for some helpful dos and don’ts.
After setting your Password Keeper data, it’s time to start adding and managing records.

How to add, edit, copy and delete Password Keeper records

Add a record

  1. Tap priv_plus followed by entering the details for the record.
  2. To create a random password, tap Generate Password.
  3. To add a field to the record, tap priv_plus_circle and select the field you would like to add.
  4. When finished, tap priv_check to save the record.

Edit a record

  1. Open a record and tap priv_pen
  2. Edit the record as needed.
  3. To change the type of record, tap Edit password or Edit note.
  4. Tap priv_check

Copy Information from a record

  1. Touch and hold a record.
  2. Do any of the following:
    • To copy the record, tap priv_3dot > Duplicate Record.
    • To copy the username for a record, tap priv_3dot > Copy Username.
    • To copy the password for a record, tap priv_password.
    • To paste the username or password, touch and hold the field where you want to paste the information, then tap Paste.
    • To copy the information in a field quickly, tap the record and tTouch and hold the field that you want to copy followed by tapping Copy.
    • To prevent other apps from accessing information that you copy, on the main screen, tap priv_3dot > Clear copied text.

Delete a record

  • Touch and hold a record, then tap priv_trash.

Make a record a favorite

  • Tap a record, then tap priv_star.

Sort your records

  • Tap priv_search, then tap the type of records that you want to see.

Search your records

  • Tap priv_search, then enter a search term.

Tip: If you are using the physical keyboard, you can start typing a search term without having to tap first.

See the password history for a record

You can see the previous passwords for a record and how long you used each password.

  1. Tap a record, then tap priv_passwordhistory .
  2. To see the passwords, tap priv_showpassword.

Add security questions and answers to Password Keeper records

You can add a security question and answer to a password record so you don’t have to remember the specific question and answer that you set up for an individual website.

  1. Tap the record, followed by tapping priv_pen.
  2. Tap priv_plus_circle.
  3. Select the Security question checkbox followed by tapping Add.
  4. Enter a question and answer, or tap Generate Answer.
  5. Tap priv_check.

Customizing Password Keeper

To customize available Password Keeper settings, tap priv_long3bar followed by Settings and customize the following items as needed:

  • To change whether a message displays before a record is deleted, select or clear the Confirm delete checkbox.
  • To allow or prevent the copying of text, select or clear the Allow text copying checkbox.
  • To change how often copied text is cleared from memory, tap Clear copied text.
  • To show or hide passwords in password records, select or clear the Show password checkbox.
    • Tip: To show or hide a password in a field at any time, tap priv_hidepassword or priv_showpassword
  • To change when the app locks, select or clear the Lock checkboxes. To change the length of time before the app locks when the device is inactive, tap Lock when device is idle
    • Tip: To lock the app at any time, on the app’s main screen, tap priv_3dot > Lock
  • To change the criteria for generating random passwords, select or clear any of the Include checkboxes. To change the number of characters in generated passwords, tap Length.

Got a question? Leave a comment and let me know!

To learn about PRIV or troubleshoot an issue, there are several great options available to help. Visit for access to product documentation, how-to demos, tips and tricks, YouTube videos, support forums, knowledge base articles, Twitter support, and contact information for your region.

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