The definitive listing of BlackBerry Classic keyboard shortcuts


Classic-AngleThe BlackBerry Classic is a productivity powerhouse as is, but, thanks to a variety of keyboards shortcuts, you can be even more productive!

Listed below is an overview of core keyboard shortcuts that will help you get things done even faster!

Note: Some shortcuts might not be available depending on the typing input language that you use.

BlackBerry 10 Shortcuts

The BlackBerry Classic comes with preloaded shortcuts that can be used whenever you are viewing your home screen or the BlackBerry Hub. These shortcuts can be customized as well!

To find out how to do this check out this post on how to create custom keyboard shortcuts using BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3.1.

Key Assigned Action
A Open the contacts app
B Open the BlackBerry Browser
C or 9 Compose a new message
D or 5 Create a new BlackBerry Remember note
H Open the BlackBerry Help app
K Lock your BlackBerry device
L Open the BlackBerry Calendar app
M Open the BlackBerry Hub
N Open BlackBerry Messenger
O Open the device settings
P Open the Phone app
Q Switch between Normal and Silent notifications modes
R or 3 Open the Clock app
T Create a new task
U Open the Calculator app
W or 1 Call voicemail

BlackBerry Hub

In a list of messages

Action Shortcut
Compose a message Press C
Search the BlackBerry Hub Press S
Go to the next unread message in the list Press U
Move to the top of your list of messages and notifications Press T
Move to the bottom of your list of messages and notifications Press B

In a message

Action Shortcut
Reply to a message Press R
Reply all to a message Press L
Forward a message Press F
Flag a message Press W
File a message Press I

Browser app

Action Shortcut
Go forward one page Press N
Go back one page Press P
Find text on a page Press S
Open the address bar Press U
Open your bookmarks Press K
Open your history Press H
Open your tabs Press W
Enter reader mode Press R
Refresh a webpage Press L
Zoom in Press I
Zoom out Press O
Go to the top of a webpage Press T
Go to the bottom of a webpage Press B
Move down the screen Press Classic-Spacekey
Move up the screen Press Classic-LeftShiftKey and Classic-Spacekey

Calendar app

Action Shortcut
Go to today Press T
Go to a date Press G
Go to the week view Press W
Go to the month view Press M
Go to the previous day, week, or month Press P
Go to the next day, week, or month Press N
Go to the schedule view Press D
Go to the agenda view Press A
Create a new event Press C
Search your events Press S
Edit an event Open an event and press E

Clock app

Using the stopwatch

Action Shortcut
To start or stop the stopwatch Press Classic-Spacekey
To reset the stopwatch and clear lap results Press Classic-Deletekey

Using the Timer

Action Shortcut
To start or stop the timer Press Classic-Spacekey

Contacts app

Action Shortcut
Go to the top of a contact’s details In a contact’s details, press T
Edit a contact In the content list, tap a contact. Press E
Go to the bottom of a contact’s details In a contact’s details, press B


Action Shortcut
Undo an automatically corrected word Press Classic-Deletekey twice
Insert a period (.) in a text field Press Classic-Spacekey twice. The next letter is capitalized
Insert an at sign (@) or a period (.) in an email address field Press Classic-Spacekey
Capitalize a letter Press and hold the letter key until the capitalized letter appears
Turn on CAP Lock Press Classic-Altkey and Classic-RightShiftKey. To turn off CAP lock, press Classic-LeftShiftKey or Classic-RightShiftKey
Type a symbol Press Classic-SymbolKey. Tap the symbol that appears on the screen
Type the alternate character on a key Press Classic-Altkey and the character key
Type an accented or special character ** Press and hold the letter key and tap the accented or special character you want
Type a number in a text field Press Classic-Altkey and press the number key
Type a number in a number field Press the number key
Turn on NUM lock Press Classic-Altkey and Classic-LeftShiftKey . To turn off NUM lock, press  Classic-RightShiftKey or Classic-LeftShiftKey
Highlight a line of text Touch and hold the text. Move your finger up or down on the screen
Highlight text character by character Touch and hold the text. Move your finger left or right on the screen to select each character
Cut highlighted text Tap the highlighted text. Tap Classic-Cut
Copy highlighted text Tap the highlighted text. Tap Classic-Copy

** The list of available accents depends on the active input language. If you set multiple input languages, the accents for the languages that can be predicted together appear for a letter. For example, when English, French, and German are set, because their alphabets are similar, you get accent options for all three languages.

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