How to switch between messages in the BlackBerry Hub


With the release of BlackBerry 10 version 10.1, we’ve added a new gesture to the BlackBerry Hub that allows you to quickly switch between your next and previous messages. It’s simple: while viewing a message drag your finger from the left to the right and in one continuous motion swipe up or down.

For example, in the following screenshot you’ll notice I am viewing ‘Test 08”. To get to the next message, “Test 09”, all I need to do is swipe from left to right (red arrow) followed by swiping up (green arrow) in a single motion. To switch to the previous message, “Test 07”, I complete the same gesture, but swipe down instead (blue arrow).

Tip: Using a BlackBerry Q10 or Q5? On top of using this gesture to switch between messages, you also have the option of pressing the N key to view your next message, or the P key to view a previous message.


If this gesture doesn’t appear to be working on your device, verify you are using BlackBerry or later by going to Settings > About and reviewing the OS Version field. If the OS Version is lower than, check for updates by going to Settings > Software Updates.

For more details about the availability of BlackBerry 10.1, check out Inside BlackBerry’s post on BlackBerry 10 Software Updates.

To learn about a feature on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone or troubleshoot an issue, there are several great options available to help. Visit for access to product manuals, how-to demos, tips and tricks, YouTube videos, support forums, knowledge base articles, Twitter support, and contact information for your region.

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  • Eduardo M Dayrit

    Nice tip. Now please have your programmers write back in the group txt feature into BB10 which is found in the Bold series. Thank you.

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  • emueagles63

    This is a neat feature. But wouldn’t it be more logical to have the ability to scroll beyond the next or previous email.

    Take the same gesture the view the email list. Using your left hand, scroll the Peeked email inbox up or down. Similar to when the Peek to view accounts is minimized, you can scroll to text, BBM or Facebook – while the currently opened account is still visible on the right.

    Keep the updates coming! Go BlackBerry!

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