BlackBerry Q10 Tips & Tricks – BlackBerry Hub (VIDEO)

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Are you using a BlackBerry Q10? If so, check out this video to learn several tips for using the BlackBerry Hub. For example, do you know how to view your calendar within the BlackBerry Hub?

Find out how to do this and more in less than 60 seconds thanks to this great video🙂

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

To learn about a feature on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone or troubleshoot an issue, there are several great options available to help. Visit for access to product manuals, how-to demos, tips and tricks, YouTube videos, support forums, knowledge base articles, Twitter support, and contact information for your region.

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  • anna

    Please HELP for these Q’s below is it me the only one who experience problem like this..?:'( if you can’t fix it or no update can fix it, i’d rather go back to BlackBerry 7, rather than BlackBerry 10.. so bottering..:'(
    1. How to shortcut prediction list? (is it like autotext @bb7or lower ritgh?)

    2. Since the day I use bb10 I got stuck with one of bbmgrup. I can’t not leave the grup?!?

    3. CAN I CLEAR bbm status update? What I want peek even in background is the newest bbm chat or grup coming, not their update.. don’t really need to retrieve every update as for myself.. as in BlackBerry style I can peek all incoming, bbm, text,email, grup, notices whatever before I open the flip..that’s what I like most for bbstyle! Great! What can bbQ10 can’t do that?

    I cannot even change font??

    5. IS “REMEMBER” is the memopad for previous BlackBerry? Well then why is my remember cannot search for existing memos?

    6. Why is YM hard to konek? I already use a package data from indosat my local provider.. it seem like Ym in bbQ10 needing a wifi to connect, still Ym have a poor connection even thru wifi.. ohh bothering so!!

    7. Why is Skype cannot video chatting with friends using laptop?

    8. Why the ringtone for bbm grup cannot customise only one ringtone for bbm chat+grup.. bb7 or lower much smarter than bb10.. very sad…

    9. Aaaaa, this one is wierd! Every comen of my grup in bbm, cannot been seen if the comen that posted the pic is too long? – 9*,’t see my own comen and others.. BUT if the pic posted with a few words, I CAN see the comen? How come and why is that?

    PLEASE SIR OR MAM, help me fix it or teach me to familiar my bbQ10.. other matter with bbQ10 is so far so great.. the processor run fast the batt life greeaat..

    Please please let love this bbQ10 better.. don’t let me walk away or leave it..

    Anna Manuhutu

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  • zaitun

    Very good

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  • Bm

    Pls, work on Facebook apps. One can’t easily, if not at all,save a pix.
    Whats special abt bb10 if one can’t hav Instagram?
    Step up your game, RIM!

  • Fathima

    How do I view chat history by date with a BlackBerry Q10 like how I did for my older BlackBerry phones?

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