How to find a lost BlackBerry smartphone using BlackBerry Protect


Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling in the bottom of your stomach when you realize that you can’t find your BlackBerry® smartphone – or worse yet, you aren’t really sure where or when you last had it? BlackBerry® Protect™ to the rescue!

This post will show you two features of the BlackBerry Protect app that can help you find your phone should it become misplaced. First, we’ll enable Location Reporting so that you can view your device’s location on a map. Then I’ll show you how to have your device play a sound to help you locate it if it’s nearby.

To take advantage of these features, you must have the BlackBerry Protect app installed on your smartphone. If you are new to BlackBerry Protect, I suggest checking out our BlackBerry Protect Getting Started Guide to learn more about the great features offered by this service before proceeding further.

How to enable Location Reporting

To view your BlackBerry smartphone’s approximate location on a map, Location Reporting must be enabled on your device:

1. From the Home screen or from within a folder, select “BlackBerry Protect”
2. Press the Menu key and select “Options”
3. In the Location Reporting section next to “I want this device’s location to be viewable from the BlackBerry Protect web site”, select the check box
4. Press the Menu key and select “Save”.

How to view your BlackBerry smartphone’s approximate location

Now that you have Location Reporting enabled, if you have misplaced or lost your smartphone you can attempt to locate it on a map using the BlackBerry Protect website. Please keep in mind that if your smartphone is turned off or does not have an active wireless connection, BlackBerry Protect will not be able to report your device’s location. For more information about Location Reporting, read the BlackBerry Protect User Guide.

Provided you have enabled Location Reporting, to view the approximate location of your smartphone complete the following steps:

1. From a web browser, navigate to the BlackBerry Protect website and log in using your BlackBerry® ID credentials
2. Click “View Location” and BlackBerry Protect will attempt to locate your BlackBerry smartphone.

How to make your BlackBerry smartphone play sound

If you misplace your device, you can have BlackBerry Protect play a sound to help you locate it. When you activate this feature, your smartphone’s sound profile is automatically switched to the Loud profile. If you have customized the Loud profile to be Silent or Vibrate Only, this feature will not function as designed.

1. From a web browser, navigate to the BlackBerry Protect website and log in using your BlackBerry ID credentials
2. Click “Play Sound” and then click the “Play Sound” button.

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