Five Tip Friday – Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones

Five Tip Friday

If you have a BlackBerry® smartphone and a Facebook® page, chances are you also use the Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones app. (It even got an awesome new upgrade yesterday!) After talking with my friends, most of them tell me it’s the most frequently-used app on their device and the primary way they access Facebook. Today I’ve put together some of my favorite tips that I share with friends when I’m asked about the Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones app.

Before we begin, if you don’t have Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones installed currently, open the BlackBerry App World™ storefront on your device, press the Menu key, select “Scan a Barcode” and scan this code to get it installed:

1. Receive Notifications in the Messages App

Let’s get things started with my favorite tip: integrating your Facebook notifications with the Message app on your BlackBerry smartphone. Having my Facebook notifications appear in the messages app allows me to check them, send them via email, share them using BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) and more all in one place. If I have a Facebook notification I want to read, I can simply select it and Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones opens to display the content.

Here’s how to receive notifications in the Messages app:

1. Open Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones
2. Press the Menu key and select “Options”
3. Check the box next to “BlackBerry Messages application”
4. Press the Menu key and select “Save”.

If you are enabling this feature for the first time, something you might want to check is whether or not you are receiving Facebook notifications using an email address that is integrated with your BlackBerry smartphone. If you are, then each notification will be displayed in the Messages app twice — once as a result of the email notification and a second notification from the Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones app.
To prevent this double-notification from occurring, complete the following steps to turn off Facebook email notifications so you only receive notifications from the Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones app going forward:

1. Open Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones
2. Press the Menu key and select “Options”
3. Select “Turn off Email Notifications”
4. Press the Menu key and select “Save”.

2. Keyboard Shortcuts

If you have a BlackBerry smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard, use these shortcuts to help you take action. If you aren’t sure what type of keyboard your BlackBerry smartphone has, check out the blog post How to use shortcuts from the BlackBerry Home screen to learn more.

  • Press S – View the latest status updates
  • Press F – Displays your friend list
  • Press W – View your Wall
  • Press M – View Messages
  • Press P – Open Check in
  • Press U – Upload a picture (my most used shortcut by far)

There are also two shortcuts you can use while in a notification: press N to view the next notification and press P to view the previous notification.

3. Sharing your Photos

There is no arguing that we all like to share photos on our Facebook pages, and doing this on the go with your BlackBerry smartphone couldn’t be easier. To upload a picture to your Facebook page, simply take a picture or select an existing one on your BlackBerry smartphone and do the following:

1. While viewing the photo using the Pictures app or previewing a photo you just took using the Camera, press the Menu Key and select “Send” followed by “Facebook”
2. Add a caption and choose an Album
3. Optionally add any Tags and if you did then select “Done”
4. Select “Upload”.

4. Have event invitations appear in your BlackBerry Calendar

Configuring Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones to add event invitations to your BlackBerry calendar is a great way to ensure that you don’t have a conflict between your Facebook and personal calendars, since any events you respond “Yes” or “Maybe” to will appear in your BlackBerry smartphone calendar.

1. Open Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones
2. Press the Menu key and select “Options”
3. Check the box next to “BlackBerry Calendar application”
4. Press the Menu key and select “Save”

5. Have your Friends personal information appear in the BlackBerry contacts app

When you launch Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones for the first time, you will be asked if you would like your BlackBerry contacts and the app to be connected. This connection means that all your Facebook friends’ contact information will be available in your BlackBerry contacts; their birthdays will also be displayed in the BlackBerry smartphone’s calendar.

My favorite feature of this connection capability is that your friends’ Facebook profile pictures are added to their contact cards in your BlackBerry smartphone’s contacts. If you didn’t make this connection initially and would like to use this feature now, complete the following steps:

1. Open Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones
2. Press the Menu key and select “Options”
3. Check the box next to “BlackBerry Contacts application”
4. Press the Menu key and select “Save”.

Something to take note of is the full description of how this feature works right below the setting. You can also select the question mark located to the right of the setting for even more information.

Bonus: Manually connect Facebook Friends with the BlackBerry Contacts app

Don’t want to add all your Facebook friends to your BlackBerry contacts? You don’t have to! Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones has the ability to manually add a contact. You can even match it to an existing BlackBerry contacts so you won’t duplicate that person in your device’s contact list.

1. Open Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones
2. Press the Menu key and Select “Open Navigation Grid”
3. Highlight a friend
4. Press the Menu key and select “Connect to BlackBerry contact
5. Choose one of the following options:

  • Select Contact – Chose an existing contact from your BlackBerry contacts
  • New Contact – The Friend will be added to your BlackBerry contacts as a new entry

If you have a tip about Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones, make sure you leave a comment below and let us know!

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