Introducing Battery Saving Mode in BlackBerry 7.1


We’ve got another guest post today from Thusenth to tell you all about a new feature that gives your BlackBerry® 7.1 OS smartphone even more battery life! – Ed.

We’ve been listening, and have heard your requests to get even more battery life from your BlackBerry® 7 OS smartphone. With this feedback in hand, we have been working on a few features in the BlackBerry 7.1 OS that are designed to help customers get the best possible battery life from their smartphone. The first of these features is “Battery Saving Mode”.

We know some of you already know all of the right settings to adjust to squeeze out that extra bit of runway from your battery. But a lot of customers don’t know what or where these settings are, and the rest of us don’t want to have to adjust these settings every time.

So, we developed Battery Saving Mode as part of the BlackBerry 7.1 OS update, and it’s enabled out of the box. This feature tweaks all of the right settings for you (we even do a little bit of extra under the hood) and it kicks in at a threshold of your choosing (20% by default). Specifically, what Battery Saving Mode does is the following:

Adjust Screen Display Settings – The display on smartphones is one of the top contributors of battery drain. Decreasing the backlight brightness and the amount of time the display backlight is on, will go a long way in extending battery life. Battery Saving Mode:

  • Reduces the screen backlight brightness to level 10
  • Reduces the screen backlight timeout to 20 seconds
  • Enables the screen to ‘Automatically dim backlight’

Adjust Radios – Radios are another popular item that customers shut down to preserve remaining battery. Battery Saving Mode:

  • Reduces the Mobile Hotspot Auto Shutdown-timer down to 5 minutes
  • Will now turn off unused radios (Mobile Network/Bluetooth®/Wi-Fi®/GPS) upon reaching 10% remaining battery life

When active, Battery Saving Mode decreases battery drain by about 20% or more depending on the activity being performed and the features of the BlackBerry smartphone.

How do I get BlackBerry 7.1 OS?

BlackBerry 7.1 OS is being rolled out globally by many of our carrier partners as an update to all of our BlackBerry 7 OS devices. To see if you have an update available plug your BlackBerry smartphone to your computer through USB, then visit from your computer and follow the on-screen instructions.

I’ve got BlackBerry 7.1 OS on my BlackBerry smartphone. Where do I adjust my Battery Saving Mode threshold?

Start typing ‘Battery Saving Mode’ from the Home screen and let Universal Search do the heavy lifting (that’s my preference). If you’re more traditional, go to Options -> Device -> Battery Saving Mode. You can set “Start when battery power is at or drops below” to kick in at any level or you can choose to keep it ‘Always On’.

Do you have any battery saving tips that you would like to share? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  • Ruan Arendt

    I have the BlackBerry Curve 9320. I wiped my phone 3 days ago,and my Battery Saving Mode is just gone! Please help!

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    Idont see the app on my blckberry curve 9320 but in my friends phone is there its a blackberry curve 9320

  • siyabonga lamula

    Idont have this kind of application in my blackberry curve 9320

  • shittu muliq

    I can’t find my battery saving mode again and when ever I switch off my BlackBerry the battery is discharging

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