Using Your BlackBerry Smartphone as a USB Drive


BlackBerry USB drive

In addition to using your BlackBerry® smartphone to stay on top of your connected world, you can use it as a USB drive using a feature called Mass Storage Mode! While your BlackBerry smartphone is connected to your computer through a USB connection, this feature will allow you to transfer files between your BlackBerry smartphone and your computer.

Here’s a quick overview of how to get started with the Mass Storage Mode feature built into BlackBerry smartphones using BlackBerry Device Software 4.2 to 5, or BlackBerry® 6 OS and BlackBerry® 7 OS – so sit back, grab your USB cord and power up your computer (Mac or Windows® – it supports both!) if you’d like to follow along!

BlackBerry USB drive

To start using your BlackBerry smartphone as a USB drive, connect your smartphone to a PC or Mac and you’ll be presented with the dialog box pictured above on your smartphone screen. If you do not see this prompt after connecting your BlackBerry smartphone, you will need to first verify that Mass Storage Mode has been enabled on the handset. For help enabling this feature, follow the set of instructions below that apply to you depending on which version of the BlackBerry® OS you are using. If you don’t know which version of the OS you have, click here to find out before proceeding further.

BlackBerry 6 OS and BlackBerry 7 OS:

  1. On the home screen, select “Options”
  2. Select “Device”, followed by “Storage”
  3. Toggle “Media Card Support” to “On” (if it’s not already checked)
  4. Press the Menu key and select “Save”

BlackBerry USB drive

BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 and earlier:

  1. On the home screen, select “Options”
  2. Select “Memory”
  3. Toggle “Media Card Support” to “On”
  4. Toggle “Mass Storage Mode” to “On”
  5. Toggle “Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected to “Prompt”, or “Yes”
  6. Press the Menu key and select “Save”

Now that we’ve checked the options and confirmed they are enabled, connect your smartphone to a PC or Mac. If prompted on your BlackBerry smartphone, select USB Drive as per the screenshot above. An important thing to keep in mind is that in order to use Mass Storage Mode, you’ll need to unlock the BlackBerry smartphone first to select the USB Drive option if it is password protected.

Using on a PC

Click “Start” followed by “My Computer”. My Computer will now display your storage drives including “Devices with Removable Storage”, which is where the BlackBerry USB drives will appear. In the screenshot below, I have two drives –”BlackBerry1” and”BlackBerry2”. The reason for this is because I am using a microSD card in addition to the memory that’s built into my BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900 smartphone. By default, BlackBerry1 is the memory that’s built into the smartphone and BlackBerry2 is the microSD card that’s been inserted. Click on either drive to start accessing and or transferring files.

BlackBerry USB drive

Note: Depending on how many drives you have, the letter representing the drive could be different, so what you need to look for is the Devices with Removable Storage drive.

Using on a Mac

After connecting your BlackBerry smartphone, you’ll notice one of two storage drives appear on your desktop. Just like on the PC, the reason two drives may appear is because one is for the memory built into the BlackBerry smartphone whereas the second drive is the microSD card memory. Click on either drive to start accessing and or transferring files.

BlackBerry USB drive

Now that you know how to enable this feature, you are ready to start dragging and dropping files, photos and more between your BlackBerry smartphone and your computer!

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