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Social Feeds 2.0

One of the free, built-in apps that I love on the BlackBerry® 7 OS is Social Feeds 2.0 – a single app that aggregates content such as Twitter®, Facebook®, RSS feeds and podcasts. Some of the features I really like include the ability to mark items for follow-up, searching within Social Feeds 2.0 for specific feed content, and enhanced feed integration to let me perform Facebook or Twitter actions right from the Social Feeds 2.0 app. I can quickly see what’s going on in the world without having to open several different apps on my BlackBerry® smartphone!

With that being said, let’s take a look at how to get started with Social Feeds 2.0.

To get started, select or tap on the Social Feeds 2.0 icon that appears on the home screen of your BlackBerry smartphone. If you’ve already signed into an app that integrates with Social Feeds – like BlackBerry® Messenger, Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones or Twitter® for BlackBerry® smartphones – then you’re already one step ahead, as you should already see those feeds appear in your timeline. If not, just click on the Getting Started welcome message to view a list of the various apps that can be integrated with Social Feeds 2.0.

Note: You can always use the same hotkey that you would use to scroll to the bottom of a screen to view the Getting Started feed (for example, in English, the hotkey is ‘b’ if using a QWERTY keyboard).

After you’ve finished setting up and logging into the apps you use, hit the Escape key and you’ll notice that information from your chosen apps now appear in the Social view.

Social Feeds 2.0

To view information from a specific app within Social Feeds 2.0, click the navigation bar on the Social screen to filter the view by BBM™, Facebook, Twitter and so on. This also applies when you are looking at your RSS and Media views.

Social Feeds 2.0

Now that we’ve talked about how to set up your favorite apps and filter the views within Social Feeds 2.0, let’s move onto setting up RSS feeds. To add a RSS feed to Social Feeds 2.0, which allows you to receive updates from your favorite blogs and other websites, select Add Feed while in the RSS view. You can then select from a listing of RSS feeds provided, or enter the URL address or search word of a RSS feed you’d like to subscribe to. After adding several RSS feeds, use the Manage Feeds option in the Menu to review and modify your RSS subscriptions.

Social Feeds 2.0

When you’ve finished adding your favorite RSS feeds, why not add your favorite podcasts as well? To populate the Media view which contains this information within Social Feeds 2.0, select Add Feed, which opens the BlackBerry® Podcasts app. After subscribing to several channels, the Media view will contain available episodes within each of the newly subscribed channels. Similar to RSS feeds, after subscribing to your first podcasts, you can review and modify your podcast subscriptions by pressing the Menu key and selecting Manage Podcasts.

Social Feeds 2.0

I just realized I almost forgot the most important part of all when it comes to Social Feeds 2.0! Not only can you use it to manage lots of content, you can also use it to post a status update to multiple apps at once, which is really convenient if you use multiple social networks. To do this, open Social Feeds 2.0, press the Menu key and select New Post. You’ll then able to enter a new status update and select which apps the status update will get sent to.

Social Feeds 2.0

By now you should be good to go – but like any app, you should explore the Options because there may be a setting or two that you want to change. To access Options while using Social Feeds 2.0, just press the Menu Key and select Options. You’ll then be able to modify several important settings, such as what apps are integrated and how you’d like to be notified of updated Social Feeds content. Make sure you check out my colleague Kirsty’s post, BlackBerry 7: Inside Social Feeds 2.0, to learn more about some of the other features offered by Social Feeds 2.0, such as Custom Views.

Social Feeds 2.0

What do you like the most about Social Feeds 2.0? Leave a comment and let me know as I’d love to hear from you!

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